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Outfit competition!

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Hello all!

Today I'm starting a very easy event.  Anyone is welcome to join. 

All you have to do is upload an image of your best looking outfit in-game in a reply to this post and the reply with the most thumbs ups wins!

You can only react to one other persons outfit, and not yourselves.  (If possible)


This doesn't count but i thought it may be a decent example.  This outfit was not expensive, in fact, every piece of equipment I'm wearing is from the squeal of fortune. 

Get creative! 🙂 

The winner will be announced on January 8th.  So you have plenty of time to figure out what outfit you'd like!  🙂

The winner will receive:

  • 5b cash in 100m tickets
  • Your choice between an Ascension Crossbow (MH) or a Mainhand Royal court rapier
  • 10 mystery boxes

Now thanks to Marshall, sponsoring my event, we're adding;

  • 5 Sirenic scales
  • 5 tectonic energy
  • 5 malevolent energy

All the more rewards for players to earn!

Goodluck to all!

Wondering why January 8th?  Well that's my birthday and i always do something special.  🙂

NOTE: If this is abused in anyway, people making new accounts to react to another persons post or anything like that i will cancel the event and find a new way to judge the winner.  I'm doing it this way because without involving staff i believe this is the most fair and most inclusive way of doing it.  Please don't ruin it for others. 

Stay classy



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                                                                                             🦆 Quack Quack 🦆




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Posted (edited)

I'm loving seeing everyone's outfits so far!  I'd love to see some more too from others soon before the competition ends! 

Is it fair for me to like someone's picture?  I'll leave that up to you. 

FWI, this might end up being changed into a poll on the 8th instead of the likes, as that just seems like a more logical option. 


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Obviously this isn't an entry to the comp.
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Posted (edited)

Congrats to @Axiz on winning this competition.  Get ahold of me in game and I'll give you your rewards.  

Thanks again to @Marshall for sponsoring this event!  The rewards Marshall is including are;

  • 5 Malevolent energy
  • 5 Tectonic Energy
  • 5 Serenic scales

Thanks so much and I can't wait to host this again in the near future!  

Edited by Tavriahll
Any entree's at this point will be considered INVALID as the competition is now closed, thank you to all who participated, and i can't wait to see who wins the next one! :)

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