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Clan related suggestions/discussion

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Hello all.

So, I've had a few suggestions regarding clans I'd like to see implemented in the future if possible.

  • Interaction with other clans

I'd like to see people build up their clan and be able to compete with another clan in things such as the events staff can host.  Which will bring me right to my next suggestion

  • Staff hosted events (Daily, weekly, etc)

The events that a staff member can host, such as killing slayer targets for xp and winning a competition for it, could be utilized for clans as well.  (Maybe, who knows.  I'm not the developer so i suppose i don't know what's possible)  Comment some ideas of what you think those things could be, lets get a discussion going.  As well as the rewards from it. 

One such thing I've thought of is just mass killing or skilling.  It would be the same as it normally is but instead of one player gaining slayer xp, the whole clan is killing slayer monsters and gaining xp.  I feel like that would be a way to involve the higher level "BA" players, while also giving the lower level players a chance to be a part of the action as well.  No one likes to compete in something when they know they have no chance of winning. 

  • A zone or "citadel" if you will

Another problem i see arising with clans is lack of interest due to no benefits.  With a zone, you could make it so the players get those benefits and have something to connect to when it comes to clan related rewards.  What i mean is upgrades to your shops, or your skill plots or whatever from within your zone could be earned through the Staff hosted events.  Or through other outlets, but the point is there is potential for a zone. 


For right now, that's all I've got, but I'd like to see some discussion about this, about the suggestions, the rewards, the bonuses, the interaction with staff and everything else.  Let me know your thoughts. 

I'd like to add just as a side note that i know that the dev team is working hard and i don't expect to see anything implemented within seconds of posting this.  Thank you for your time.  🙂


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Regarding a clan citadel, we actually used to have that on our previous version of eradication, also known as world 1. We didn't actually have that developed into the source, it was something made by the admins pretty much, exception being the teleportation command. I like the idea of having your own zone as a clan where you can do different activities together. 

I also like the idea about having the ability to host events for your own clan through the same system a skilling event can be hosted for everyone, just like the slayer one you were talking about.


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