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This is the official post for Unity!  All the most important news related to Unity will be updated here!


  • As of 1/12/2020 Unity has 22 members!
  • Unity held it's first boss mass on 1/8/2020!
  • Unity held it's first hide'n seek and it's first goodiebag on 1/24/2020!  The players involved include "Soldier11, Fear de taco and Don vito!

48273065_Annotation2020-01-12191016.png.1239759f99a7132091b89fe469262ee1.pngTavriahll is the owner of Unity.

2107767014_Annotation2020-01-12191006.png.9e91940caa526af12447c981c1220def.pngSadie, (For now) is the Deputy owner of Unity.  

1401180181_Annotation2020-01-12191007.png.83a8689f1e034a3cbbba45b961cfbd02.pngTrippin and Fear De Taco are my trusty Overseers.  



1918597273_Annotation2020-01-12191005.png.9b8e54567a0ac0bd81976bf909424284.pngSaeysknight has been listed as an admin.


Below is a list of ranks within the clan.

1236142625_Annotation2020-01-12191010.png.1c0dd82b5e4ff359dfb62d45009a9519.png Recruit: This is the lowest possible rank, if you are a 1236142625_Annotation2020-01-12191010.png.1c0dd82b5e4ff359dfb62d45009a9519.pngrecruit, you may be in risk of being kicked from the clan.

1681077006_Annotation2020-01-12191011.png.32b8636115fd512067721ac4a9cb1443.png Corporal: This is the second lowest possible rank, if you are a 1681077006_Annotation2020-01-12191011.png.32b8636115fd512067721ac4a9cb1443.pngcorporal it means you have been inactive for quite a long time.  The above mentioned applies to this rank as well.

1516077713_Annotation2020-01-12191012.png.323a06ca3ce1e02a5110034a43f68dd9.png Sergeant: If you are demoted to this rank, it is because you're either inactive, or have violated rules of the clan, or the server.  This rank, and any rank below this are un-elligable to participate in clan run benefits such as Tav's Bounties.

303464576_Annotation2020-01-12191008.png.db1acc1f8dacb7d146e82187ee23e80b.png Lieutenant: This is the basic rank for Unity.  If you are noticeably active, this will be your rank.  This rank is automatically given out to new players as soon as they join.  (Assuming an 1918597273_Annotation2020-01-12191005.png.9b8e54567a0ac0bd81976bf909424284.pngadmin, 1043092347_Annotation2020-01-12191009.png.4abbf9f308f6a8d7015eb77b0c7fbee4.pngorganizer, 690464569_Annotation2020-01-12191015.png.4a0110dc54134bb891f9e1e70b98ce44.pngcoordinator or 48273065_Annotation2020-01-12191016.png.1239759f99a7132091b89fe469262ee1.pngowner2107767014_Annotation2020-01-12191006.png.9e91940caa526af12447c981c1220def.png is online to do so)

717648814_Annotation2020-01-12191013.png.9870d1a3730371e98c3ebb1a06778c0f.png Captain: This rank is given to those who prove themselves trustworthy among the community.  You must be noticeably active and help players as much as noticeably possible.

1545661376_Annotation2020-01-12191014.png.a1dc32501a9cbff1e0c6e8b28bafbee6.png General: This is the highest rank a player can achieve within Unity without becoming a part of the team that runs the clan.  These people are the 1545661376_Annotation2020-01-12191014.png.a1dc32501a9cbff1e0c6e8b28bafbee6.pngOG's of Unity, they strive to help others as much as possible.  They make guides, they are active on the forums and are undeniably active.  You must have spent at least 5 days in game time in order to be promoted to this rank. 

1918597273_Annotation2020-01-12191005.png.9b8e54567a0ac0bd81976bf909424284.png Admin: These people do everything the 1545661376_Annotation2020-01-12191014.png.a1dc32501a9cbff1e0c6e8b28bafbee6.pngGeneral's do, but also have the power to kick/ban others from the clan.  As well keep the peace and moderate the Unity chat.

1043092347_Annotation2020-01-12191009.png.4abbf9f308f6a8d7015eb77b0c7fbee4.png Organizer:  The Organizer is the head of recruitment in Unity, and strives to invite as many players as possible.  They are responsible for recruiting the most players to Unity, as well as overseeing events, discussing and assisting the 2107767014_Annotation2020-01-12191006.png.9e91940caa526af12447c981c1220def.png48273065_Annotation2020-01-12191016.png.1239759f99a7132091b89fe469262ee1.pngowners and the 690464569_Annotation2020-01-12191015.png.4a0110dc54134bb891f9e1e70b98ce44.pngCoordinator to create new events and possibly new content for the server and clan.  In the event the 690464569_Annotation2020-01-12191015.png.4a0110dc54134bb891f9e1e70b98ce44.pngCoordinator should quit or be promoted to a higher postion, the 1043092347_Annotation2020-01-12191009.png.4abbf9f308f6a8d7015eb77b0c7fbee4.pngOrganizer will automatically be promoted to 690464569_Annotation2020-01-12191015.png.4a0110dc54134bb891f9e1e70b98ce44.pngCoordinator, and will work with the 2107767014_Annotation2020-01-12191006.png.9e91940caa526af12447c981c1220def.pngowners48273065_Annotation2020-01-12191016.png.1239759f99a7132091b89fe469262ee1.png to find someone to take over as Organizer.1043092347_Annotation2020-01-12191009.png.4abbf9f308f6a8d7015eb77b0c7fbee4.png  The most likely candidate would be an 1918597273_Annotation2020-01-12191005.png.9b8e54567a0ac0bd81976bf909424284.pngAdmin.

690464569_Annotation2020-01-12191015.png.4a0110dc54134bb891f9e1e70b98ce44.png Coordinator: Assists the 2107767014_Annotation2020-01-12191006.png.9e91940caa526af12447c981c1220def.pngowners48273065_Annotation2020-01-12191016.png.1239759f99a7132091b89fe469262ee1.png and 1918597273_Annotation2020-01-12191005.png.9b8e54567a0ac0bd81976bf909424284.pngadmins in creating possibly new events/content for the clan as well as the server.  In the event the 1401180181_Annotation2020-01-12191007.png.83a8689f1e034a3cbbba45b961cfbd02.pngOverseer should either quit or is promoted to a higher position, the 690464569_Annotation2020-01-12191015.png.4a0110dc54134bb891f9e1e70b98ce44.pngCoordinator will be promoted to 1401180181_Annotation2020-01-12191007.png.83a8689f1e034a3cbbba45b961cfbd02.pngOverseer automatically.

1401180181_Annotation2020-01-12191007.png.83a8689f1e034a3cbbba45b961cfbd02.png Overseer: Has the same job as the Coordinator, but is also responsible for recruitment.  In a disagreement among clan staff, the overseer may solve the dispute with no backlash.  They can only be over-ruled by the 2107767014_Annotation2020-01-12191006.png.9e91940caa526af12447c981c1220def.pngDeputy Owner or the 48273065_Annotation2020-01-12191016.png.1239759f99a7132091b89fe469262ee1.pngOwner of Unity.  In the event either the 48273065_Annotation2020-01-12191016.png.1239759f99a7132091b89fe469262ee1.pngowner or the 2107767014_Annotation2020-01-12191006.png.9e91940caa526af12447c981c1220def.pngdeputy owner should quit either the server or the clan, the 1401180181_Annotation2020-01-12191007.png.83a8689f1e034a3cbbba45b961cfbd02.pngOverseer may step in as the 48273065_Annotation2020-01-12191016.png.1239759f99a7132091b89fe469262ee1.pngOwner/2107767014_Annotation2020-01-12191006.png.9e91940caa526af12447c981c1220def.pngDeputy Owner, either permanently or until a new candidate is found.  

2107767014_Annotation2020-01-12191006.png.9e91940caa526af12447c981c1220def.png Deputy Owner: The co-owner or deputy owner of Unity.  Shares all of the above mentioned responsibilities.  Can only be challenged or overruled by the 48273065_Annotation2020-01-12191016.png.1239759f99a7132091b89fe469262ee1.pngOwner.

48273065_Annotation2020-01-12191016.png.1239759f99a7132091b89fe469262ee1.png Owner: The 48273065_Annotation2020-01-12191016.png.1239759f99a7132091b89fe469262ee1.pngOwner of Unity.  At this current moment in time it is "Tavriahll"  This person will strive to keep not only the clan a good place to stay, but the server as well.  The owner of Unity will work actively with staff members of the server to create a safe, fun and all around just enjoyable environment.  Any bounties or rewards given out to 303464576_Annotation2020-01-12191008.png.db1acc1f8dacb7d146e82187ee23e80b.pngclan members, by default will come from this person. 

The people/persons in specific positions of power may change over the next few months due to inactivity on the server.

It's VERY important to also note that ALL Unity members, Owners/admins/players alike MUST follow all rules posted by the owners of EradicationX World 2 and ANY disputes CAN be overruled by a staff member. 

It's worth noting that in the event a Unity member should become banned from the server, they will also be kicked/banned from the clan as well.  They will not be allowed to return, unless their ban was appealed and the player was proven innocent. 


  • The introduction of Tav's bounties

There may, or may not be another thread related to this made in the near future.  I'd like to introduce Unity to Tav's bounties.  

Don't you hate it when sometimes you kill a boss 300 times, and get little to absolutely nothing?  Well fear not, for members of Unity, I'm offering a bounty for you to kill those bosses. These are the rates.  

  • Beginner bosses

I will be offering 1 100m ticket for every 300 beginner bosses killed

  • Intermediate bosses

I will be offering 3 100m tickets for every 300 intermediate bosses killed

  • Advanced bosses

I will be offering 5 100m tickets for every 300 advanced bosses killed 

This is something you MUST have a forum account for, you MUST take a photo, or screen shot of your LEGITIMATE kill count, whole client and all and send to me either over the forums or private message me on discord.  (This make take some time for me to reply)


Future skilling masses and boss masses for now will be spontaneous

Unity has no current plans or events posted in the near future.

Edited by Tavriahll
Added events, clan details, owners information, ETC
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Very nice to see more clans getting involved on the server! I wish you the best of luck with your clan!

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I like the idea of a pvp event between clans, something we have been lookin for a long time tbh, Nice to see a clan take some action on activies.

The Tav's Bounties is a dope idea, ill be lookin forward to see that for the Unity members 

Good Luck with the clan! @Tavriahll

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