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EradicationX Update Log

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Obsidian Update

+ Obsidian Shards:
The Obsidian Shards are dropped by the bosses known as the Obsidian Champion and TzHaar-Jad. These shards are very powerful items and are used to reach the next level gear. In order to do this however, you need to get one. Kill the bosses, receive a shard and then continue to ALCH the shard in order to receive an Obsidian Bar, which has a bigger purpose.

What to do with Shards?:

  • Alch them (Requires 120 smithing & magic). 
  • Sell them (They're trade-able, whereas the bars and armour aren't)

+ Obsidian Bars:
Once you have obtained the Obsidian Bar, you're able to do various of things with it. You can access a shop located at the Abyss teleport location, where you're able to purchase the following items:
As you can see, there's only an option to purchase the melee version of the set. That's because the Ranged and Magic will be unlocked another way. They will also require different versions of the shards. 

+ Vorago:
Vorago is the new powerful raid boss, which has a re-spawn time of 10 minutes, and requires a team with powerful weapon and gear to be killed. The boss is rather complicated and will not be easily defeated. Accessible to those who have prestiged a minimium of 3 times. 

Important Moves from Vorago:
"Vorago is channeling a large attack!" - In failure to pray against Magic, you will most likely die to a very powerful attack.
"Vorago has broken off pieces of himself!" - In failure to pray against Ranged you will most likely die as well. 



100% -> Coins, 300-500m & Eradicated Bone & Big Bones
25% -> Frost Dragon Bones 5-25
20% -> 5-75 Runite Ores
15% -> 5-75 Rune Bars
10% -> Inferno Adze
5% -> Algarum Thread
5% -> Tectonic Energy
5% -> Stone of Binding
5% -> Sirenic Scales
3% -> Primal Full Helm
3% -> Primal Platebody
3% -> Primal Platelegs
3% -> Primal Gauntlets
3% -> Primal Longsword
3% -> Primal Battleaxe
3% -> Primal Kiteshield


+ Abyssal Death:
These are new monsters, which are found in the Abyss. They are tougher and will have more valuable drops, but like everything else, have certain requirements to access. These NPC's are located in the Abyss and is accessible through the ::abyss/teleport options in-game. 
In order to access this teleport you must have obtained the Completionist Cape. 



100% - Eradicated Bones
25% - 1-10 Blue Charm
25% - 1-10 Gold Charm
25% - 1-10 Green Charm
25% - 1-10 Crimson Charm
5% - 1 Overload Flask (6)

Eradicated Bones are the current best Prayer XP in the game. They are able to be buried, used on altar and with the bonecrusher. No matter what you use, they will be the best XP for prayer. 


+ Christmas Crackers: (no longer obtainable)
When using the christmas crackes on another player, you will receive a random item from the list below. This was obtainable from dealing 7,500 damage to the Bal'lak Boss. This cracker may become available again in the future, but as of now it's not. Those who were online during the time it was obtainable, will have the access to receive one of these items:


Regular Santa Hat
Santa Beard
Santa Sack
Santa Boots
Santa Gloves
Santa Skirt
Santa Legs
Santa Top
Santa Top Female
Santa Pet
Targaryen's Dragon
Sirenic Scales (10)
Sirenic Mask
Sirenic Body
Sirenic Legs
Tectonic Energy (10)
Tectonic Mask
Tectonic Body
Tectonic Legs
Malevolent Energy (10)
Malevolent Helm
Malevolent Body
Malevolent Legs
Stone of Binding (5)
Reinforcing Plate (10)
Obsidian Shard 
Obsidian Bar
Rune Bars (1000)
Frost Dragon Bones (1000)
Chaotic Rapier (sheathed)
Chaotic Maul (sheathed)
Chaotic Longsword (sheathed)
Chaotic Crossbow (sheathed)
Chaotic Staff (sheathed)
Chaotic Staff (sheathed)


+ Boss Slayer:
The boss slayer assignment and rewards have been adjusted. This is the full list of the bosses and their rewards:


Kbd - 30m
Gwd - 50m
Eradicator - 450m
Avatar - 200m
Trio - 300m
Eradking - 300m
Jad - 300m
Dl - 300m
Seasinger - 300m
Blink - 300m
Corp - 700m
Sunfreet - 750m
Tds - 300m
Phoenix - 750m

+ Money Makers:
The RCA thieving stall thieve amount has been adjusted to the player's thieving level. The amount has been changed for each milestone the player reaches. 


Level 85 thieving - 1,5m GP
Level 120 Thieving - 2,5m GP
Reaching 200m XP Thieving - 3,5m GP
Reaching 500m XP Thieving - 5m GP

The chinchompa hunting method has been turned into a money maker. You're now able to sell the chinchompas to the sell shop for a value of 10m GP each.

+ Squeal of Fortune:
Due to the player feedback on the SOF feature, we've decided to buff the rewards from the "minigame". They are significantly better, with better lamps, and/or cosmetics. We've made almost everytime from uncommon and above better, the rest is still there. 

P.s: There's a 0.01% chance of receiving a unique partyhat, santa hat, h'ween mask, and sled!


+ Fight Caves & Fight Kiln Services:
Due to players needing to complete these two minigames in order to continue their grind throughout the game, it's a rather large requirement to have, to some. There are certain people who have issues regarding connection, frames and even their mouse. It's not super fair to give people who don't have this issue an advantage in terms of progression. There's things such as services but that includes giving out your password to players and even if you change it from your normal, they still have access to do whatever with your account until they're done, and that obviously encourages some shady business. 

So we've decided that you'll be able to purchase the Fight Caves & Fight Kiln minigame requirement off Moderators. 

  • Fight Caves: 1b
  • Fight Kiln: 5b

These prices are expected to be adjusted to the economy!


Miscellaneous: (only useful info)

  • Fixed the issue where purchasing/selling to the shop became unavailable, this was due to the shop going above the maximum value. 
  • Removed the Fight Caves requirement for Easy Bosses.
  • Made Fight Caves requirement for Intermediate bosses.
  • Made Fight Kiln requirement for Advanced bosses.
  • Added a thieving counter for the stalls located at the home location.
  • Changed/Adjusted the items inside of the voting shop.
  • Fixed overloads making (3) into (4), not actually a fix but yeah.
  • Made it so that untradeables will be turned into dust upon death in the wilderness / red portal.
  • Fixed the perks that did not work properly.
  • Removed Anti-Bot completely.

Be sure to leave your ideas on our forums by making a thread here.
Be sure to leave your ideas on our Discord, you can find the link here.

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Removed Anti-Bot completely.

We did it bois

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I tried to use a cracker and it still doesn't work.  These are the red ones.

So you have to be a completionist to get obby then?

Edited by Tavriahll

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On 1/19/2020 at 1:00 PM, Hades said:

We did it bois

So glad that was removed.

Also really happy to see updates. I hope the random movement bug gets fixed sometime soon.

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Very happy to see updates like these get implemented into the game.


Can't wait to see more updates soon!

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