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Low level gameplay guide (New accounts)

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Recently, I've had a lot of questions regarding good ways to start out when you join the server.  So in this guide we'll be talking about some ways to maximize your #gainz while starting a new account on Eradication X W2.  The following information is VITAL for you to progress through the game, and you should follow this guide as well as you can. 

There are some things you should know immediately when you start your account.


A link to the server rules can be found below. 


1713231271_Annotation2020-01-12225055.png.97374c59996125f8fa239c11b1e2b86c.pngTeleportation and information



The "EX" tab is very important.  It not only holds teleports for the player, but it also hold valuable information as well!


Lets start with 39213893_Annotation2020-01-17145425.png.fa748062252c2cd6e5861abec1d4dd47.png

When you click on teleports, a host of options will pop up inside your chat. 


  • Training Area will take you to the many other teleports for enemies, generally for leveling skills or training 1784480974_Annotation2020-01-12225093.png.c20035270c0615c86893c568affa2444.pngSlayer.
  • Skilling will take you to many places to level up your non combat skills.  Such as 1070014108_Annotation2020-01-12225094.png.790958e9a255aa3dd56894cf398d5a44.pngFarming or 42579791_Annotation2020-01-12225091.png.1e788f4ccf314696c0af65fdb93ff0d0.pngWoodcutting and many more.
  • Bosses will take you to the many challenging foes inside world 2.  Players will likely use this teleport A LOT.  More on 1379290939_Annotation2020-01-17145421.png.6c6f9f3042e6f77d68a50658d0df036e.png bosses below.
  • Minigames will take you to the many fun extra things to do in your spare time.  The most important of which include 329388596_Annotation2020-01-17145413.png.f0f29a4867211d1729717d696f7a4968.pngFight caves and 1932559711_Annotation2020-01-17145434.png.428932dacc5bcaba91467d17e3724b7f.pngFight Kiln.
  • PvP will teleport you to the multi pvp zones of the world.  Be careful when teleporting to these places, as you could be killed.  This is also where you can find the 118863287_Annotation2020-01-17145432.png.fe63d6ae14c061320a07c4495cea76a8.png teleport.  Which is very useful for obtaining decent armor at low tier gameplay. 

Next we have the following three options.   465544326_Annotation2020-01-17145423.png.7ae9ef1c0702a3ac988be041c13e1ca7.png

  • Inside the info box you can find;


  • Inside the Perks box you can find a list of the perks.  If you own the perk, it will be highlighted as green.  If not, red.
  • Inside the search box you can find;


Finally we have the other three options    1193026019_Annotation2020-01-17145424.png.16a18bded62ed6a00cbae3afa43ed103.png

  • Inside the Links box you can find;


  • Inside the Profile box you can find;


  • Inside the security box you can find information regarding account security and recovery.







;;home is where you will find the majority of players to make trades with.  As well as some fairly useful utilities as your disposal. 

You can find a bank. 


There's an altar for leveling your Prayer, and next to that is a priest who can switch your spells/prayers


Next to that, is the House teleport and the construction shop. 


We have a cooking range, and a summoning obelisk at home as well. 


There's a fully working forge at home as well.  With anvils. 


To the south there's an Event teleport.  Which will teleport the player to any Staff or server hosted events.   Next to that there's a nurse that will fully heal you, your prayer points AND your special attack!


There's a couple stalls for thieving as well, and a general store to sell your items too. 


There's a boss contractor, who will give you assignments for killing certain bosses.  As well as Kuradal, who will assign you slayer tasks.

Next to her, is the dummy minigame.  You attack it to try and get the most damage possible, and will be rewarded 1728586932_Annotation2020-01-17145412.png.ffabc2695ad4aab52846eba07cbf4292.png 100m tickets.


There's a comp cape stand, which enables the player to receive their respective achievement capes when the requirements for them have been met.  As well as a Crystal key chest.







You can find all the regular shops available to any player at ;;shops


(From left to right)

The loyalty point shop will sell you auras.

The stat resetter will reset any individual stats you wish to start over with.  (Mainly for skillers who accidentally level up)

The title master will give you a title of your choice!

The prestige shop can be used to prestige your account, as well as sell items to those players that have done so!

The maxxed shop currently does not work, and is under maintenance. 

The wealth shop sells first tower clothing for 200m ea.

The PK Gear master will sell you very useful items for not only pvp but pvm as well.  This one takes GOLD.

The pk'ing points master will sell you pking gear, this one takes PK POINTS


(From left to right)

The potion master will sell you any and all the potions you may need for healing, restoring or making overloads. 

The spell master will sell you any beginner rank magic gear you may need.  Including runes and weapons/armor.

The combat supplies shop will sell you armor and weapons for  ALL 3 styles of combat, as well as potions.

The weapons and armor shop will sell you any beginner rank melee gear you may need.  Includes armor/weapons

The range master will sell you any beginner rank ranged gear you may need.  Includes bolts/armor/weapons.

The summoning scrolls shop will sell you scrolls for your summoning familiars special attack. 


(From left to right)

The trivote shop will not only show you the VOTE shop, but will also show you the trivia shop as well.  Includes Dragonkin lamps, huge lamps, xp scrolls.

You can sell your items to the general store, as well as purchase an anti dragonfire shield from him as well.

The clothing store sells skill capes. 

The particle store sells 120 (104m xp) skill cloaks.

The outfit shop sells cool looking cosmetics.

The vote master will sell you ovls, huge xp lamps, xp scrolls, sof spins and 100m tickets

The next two shops are under maintenance and may be changed/removed in the near future.


(From left to right)

Another summoning scrolls shop.

The skiller outfits shop will sell you more cosmetics.

Another potion shop. 

The herblore shop, will sell you any items you may need to level your herblore, and make overloads. 

The crafting master will sell you any items you may need to level your crafting. 

The fishing master will sell you any items you may need to level you fishing.  He also sells cooked sharks!

The skilling supplies shop will sell you all 3 of the above mentioned items, but also includes woodcutting and mining!

The smithing shop will sell you ores and bars for leveling you smithing.



1466508262_Annotation2020-01-17145411.png.35471e31bc4448b391e49795e6548482.png Voting



You can vote for the server and show your support by typing ;;vote in game.  This is allowed once every 16 hours (Correct me if im wrong) and is a great way to not only give the server a boost but to give yourself a boost as well.  Currently, if you vote on every single site, you will receive ten 100m tickets 1728586932_Annotation2020-01-17145412.png.ffabc2695ad4aab52846eba07cbf4292.png  You will also receive Voting tickets 1466508262_Annotation2020-01-17145411.png.35471e31bc4448b391e49795e6548482.png as well, which can be spent at the Trivote store at ;;shops


305824865_Annotation2020-01-17145416.png.a167b637ad5a26298b8c17957de1b105.png Donating

Donating is another amazing way to support the server.  There are many methods to get to the donation page.  One of which would be typing ;;donate in game.  Another would be clicking the 803010952_Annotation2020-01-17145415.png.3647e9bc102e25ab24c8c09142115c74.png button at the top of the page!

There are six total donation ranks currently in Eradication X World 2. 

You can find a thread giving information about the donator statuses below


1169616140_Annotation2020-01-17145415.png.ef28f14c0103b38ea5969796d2d98a8f.pngTrivia and server announcements

Every now and then the server, or a staff member may announce something important, so keep a good eye for that.

Trivia is great because you can buy 1968917675_Annotation2020-01-17145435.png.05006d484cc53042b204797db41906a5.pngdragonkin lamps from the Trivote shop.  This give 500k experience in any skill.  It's awesome.

A guide for trivia can be found below


143050253_Annotation2020-01-12225053.png.df6334c7d4a1422546cc17ca86c2cc4d.pngTask system

This will hold account information such as total donated, total time spent in game, pvm points and completionist cape requirements.



Once you've learned about the official stuff, you can move on to skills and combat information. 






The player can begin Hunter at any point when joining the game.  Catching 2017693801_Annotation2020-01-21122252.png.a49a3a6b080651bc9cb2f4e92546f00c.png Chins with box traps is pretty much the fastest way to gain money at low level, and is only surpassed by 2141117018_Annotation2020-01-12225083.png.6096578497ba315d1da581c8eb1db896.pngThieving after level 120!   The Hunter teleport can be found within the 1713231271_Annotation2020-01-12225055.png.97374c59996125f8fa239c11b1e2b86c.png Tab.

Selling 2017693801_Annotation2020-01-21122252.png.a49a3a6b080651bc9cb2f4e92546f00c.png Chinchompas to the 994278271_Annotation2020-01-21122254.png.521293061a764e7934f120bcc4b5106a.png General store will get you 434640616_Annotation2020-01-21122253.png.f97e62bbf1c1aab252c806699d387661.png for EACH chinchompa!  If you get 500m 43557716_Annotation2020-01-12225096.png.d56fe21c92ea885e65854486c2b5c760.pngHunter xp you will receive (And this is a very rough estimate) roughly 590071228_Annotation2020-01-21122255.png.641348975b83d44c4a14949abfc5c092.png!!!

This is possibly subject to change in the near future.



2141117018_Annotation2020-01-12225083.png.6096578497ba315d1da581c8eb1db896.png Thieving



1050782453_Annotation2020-01-17145413.png.cfbf2bd08d82e0fd42eaabac9573bfe0.png You can sell the items you get from the stalls to the General store.

Thieving in the very beginning is an absolutely amazing way to earn your starter 898627589_Annotation2020-01-17145414.png.076c71be518007ea7f8df4c9e614f57c.png cash.  It will bring in more than enough cash to buy pretty much anything at ;;shops

After you've reached level 85, you can teleport to 1752663353_Annotation2020-01-17145416.png.627a3071787cc100640c11e8038a10de.png though the 1713231271_Annotation2020-01-12225055.png.97374c59996125f8fa239c11b1e2b86c.png tab.  It's the best method to level up your 2141117018_Annotation2020-01-12225083.png.6096578497ba315d1da581c8eb1db896.pngThieving currently and each click on the stall there gives 1843072946_Annotation2020-01-17145416.png.bc352f6725cdfbe421c4cf3d5a953128.png, and will go up as you level!


1389299320_Annotation2020-01-12225082.png.6b89334e6e7418b6eb3218987597eb6d.png Herblore

Herblore is essential to all levels of gameplay, even after maximum experience is achieved in the skill as the player can make 1567972069_Annotation2020-01-17145421.png.365ccd20390047d4630d2a3d32f52ca0.png Overloads.  These are literally a must for everyone and if you play without them, it will be very difficult to progress. 

There's an overload making guide below


1583160929_Annotation2020-01-12225097.png.8ae75a07ad499ce6e17394da54b6dfa3.png Summoning



Summoning isn't necessarily essential to every aspect of the game.  The use of BoB's or "Beasts of Burden"  such as the Pack Yak or the War Tortoise, are very useful for bringing extra potions1567972069_Annotation2020-01-17145421.png.365ccd20390047d4630d2a3d32f52ca0.png and food2145242369_Annotation2020-01-11151423.png.7559ff8b3c0cac2c6d9b2487a03ce2e6.png into the Fight caves and Fight Kiln minigames.  

The biggest reason this is very important, is that the player should always remember that picking up 565249999_Annotation2020-01-17145417.png.5b6534c034ac30788f6a86afcce62c1c.pngcharms is an absolute MUST.  You cannot buy charms anywhere except players, and other players will likely not let go of their charms cheap.  So pick them up.



506329362_Annotation2020-01-12225098.png.65b754000e01a256ea45f7c1c52f202d.png Dungeoneering



Dungeoneering is a great way to start out 720932164_Annotation2020-01-12225099.png.23e5e427ea333393d946cbcff9fdc2a0.png Combat.  Some enemies within can be tough at first, but you can bring your own 1335072870_Annotation2020-01-12225056.png.22accdad5f63f442ff9e4550a97e9da3.png Items and 1748716947_Annotation2020-01-12225057.png.f99d80ba346b233135d6b3c43f96e955.png Equipment.  You can get there by typing ;;dung in game, or by clicking on the 1713231271_Annotation2020-01-12225055.png.97374c59996125f8fa239c11b1e2b86c.png Tab.  It's on the very last page of skilling.

Dungeoneering is almost essential because the shop within the dungeons have the 182774013_Annotation2020-01-17145416.png.27a478e2680b708ec56385b3a2a6f191.png charming imp.  This bad boi acts as a pet, but also picks up your 565249999_Annotation2020-01-17145417.png.5b6534c034ac30788f6a86afcce62c1c.png1801860234_Annotation2020-01-17145418.png.74bb219022b2244f5af40ff877313fbd.png476779785_Annotation2020-01-17145419.png.a3dfd6b2d082406e1f81d38dc2c5f1b2.png1397605940_Annotation2020-01-17145420.png.371cf179a3d86c7948280743a07bc752.png charms for you.  If you have the charms collector perk, you can gain double charms!



694780772_Annotation2020-01-12225060.png.2fc71e7f6ffa0a0140fea824dd115caa.pngSqueel of Fortune



There is a minigame called the squeel of fortune, you can be rewarded junk or really REALLY good items.  It all depends on how lucky you get.





A guide regarding auras can be found below.


720932164_Annotation2020-01-12225099.png.23e5e427ea333393d946cbcff9fdc2a0.pngBeginner bosses and boss instances



1943799406_Annotation2020-01-17145433.png.b075d0e6371cf244402cf049888d3c4e.png These consist of all the godwars bosses.  It's highly recommended to attain some armor from them before attempting 329388596_Annotation2020-01-17145413.png.f0f29a4867211d1729717d696f7a4968.pngFight caves. 

Every boss can also be fought inside of an instance.  All you have to do is click on the boss you'd like to start an instance with and it will prompt the following text.


After clicking start a new instance, it was ask you the spawn speed rate at which you'd like the instance to spawn your boss.

1170940857_Annotation2020-01-21150242.png.6ee3628901a3f597f4ab001a6b44e177.png  Once you pick, it will give you the option to pay once for 200m.  OR to PERMANENTLY unlock the instance for that boss for 4b.    1706788196_Annotation2020-01-21150243.png.f15c53e72c93afa7cb3740f04ffafd68.png After you've picked it will ask;2131285550_Annotation2020-01-21150244.png.1a13125bc8d063bc0920a1574b55f0e4.png and then teleport you to your instance. 






Ballak is a WORLD boss, which means he can be fought by anyone who decided to go take on his challenge.  Multiple players are able to receive a reward from killing this boss in one kill.  He has 25k hp.  Pray 1198044898_Annotation2020-01-21150239.png.d46a9964826e7a0d511954b1f188e290.pngattack against Ballak.


540798903_Annotation2020-01-21150231.png.6687755ed42a5fb7a510d2c20e615121.png           Ballak drops 388956221_Annotation2020-01-21150237.png.7a1efc00eb9342a7c3c6f300410e322b.pngMystery boxes.



329388596_Annotation2020-01-17145413.png.f0f29a4867211d1729717d696f7a4968.png Fight Caves


Fight caves is essential because you unlock 1636385914_Annotation2020-01-17145420.png.add71a6f16db385cdf8c89bed1e96053.png bosses upon completion, as long as you also meet the 720932164_Annotation2020-01-12225099.png.23e5e427ea333393d946cbcff9fdc2a0.pngCombat Level requirements for it as well.  After fight caves you are also awarded the 329388596_Annotation2020-01-17145413.png.f0f29a4867211d1729717d696f7a4968.pngFire cape!  This is a great starter cape for all combat styles, and i consider Fight caves as the most essential step to progressing from Starter level gameplay to mid level gameplay.


Mid level gameplay guide coming out soon!



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