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  1. Hello Eradicationonians. Today, I'm starting an event i think will be quite unique. This one, is an activity event! So basically, i will pick a date in the future for the event to end, you (the player) will comment on this post with a picture of your account information (example shown below) which must include the full client, your account name and the total hours you have displayed. After you've replied and posted that picture, you're in the competition. I will then track your time in game and a winner will be chosen at a non disclosed date. It will be a surprise. I do however, have a rule. If you are in this competition, afking is not allowed. You're allowed small periods of course, however you may not remain logged in while sleeping or at work, if you're afk for more than an hour and it goes noticed, you will be either disqualified from the competition or you will have to restart your progress. ONE ACCOUNT PER PERSON. I'd also like to use this chance to point out that, whilst it is okay to use an auto clicker and be watching it, replying to staff members, it is NOT okay to use one and be afk. (Not be able to reply to staff members) I will not name anyone of course but if you are caught doing this you will be kicked, possibly given a warning and after repeat offenses you will be jailed. I've got some tasty rewards this time. But I'm not going to tell you that either, as the rewards this time are actually based off of how many people enter the contest. The more people that enter.. the better the rewards! The player with the most time at the end of the event (starting from when they post their reply to this post) wins the event! Current competitors:Start time Stein: The entirety of this competition IS ALWAYS subject to change or be canceled at any point given a reasonable circumstance.
  2. That's not the solution the staff has given you. That is a recommendation made by a single staff member to help make it easier. We don't simply tell new players to download a third party software for achieving their goals faster, that is simply something I DID. To make it easier. I also recommended finding a device with a touch screen. I understand that would be a very limited option, but it's not impossible. Our goal is to make Overloads more difficult to obtain, which is why we've added making them through Herblore. We don't want every single player to have thousands of them, because there may be future content released that ties Overloads to it. We don't want every aspect of the game to be incredibly easy. You have to clean 40 herbs to make 10 overloads, which in my opinion is very easy as it is. I've simply suggested what i believe is indeed the most viable solution to the matter. As i don't believe Herblore needs to be reworked. Atleast overloads don't, in my opinion. I've no say in what does or does not get to be added to the game, or changed and i do not appreciate the generalization of myself, and my teammates as barely helpful in regards to this matter. I believe I've attempted to help in the most useful and viable way i possibly can within the power that i currently have. Other staff may have other solutions for you, other players may have that as well. Alternatively you can purchase them from other players. I would however like to add that regardless of what I've said above, I love that we're seeing some input and suggestions from the community regarding some things you'd like to see differently. Just because i disagree, does not mean my peers do.
  3. I'm not sure i follow exactly what you're saying? The program(s) I'm talking about are the ones that record your mouse movement, clicks and your keyboard. You could easily find one of these for free or for very very cheap on a popular search engine. I can't recommend you one, as it would be a third party company that has that available, but i can say that finding one that can do the full inventory is NOT hard, i promise.
  4. I don't mean to throw hands or anything, but i think that making Overload's is pretty easy actually. I think it's also worth noting that you CAN use an autoclicker, so long as you're watching that auto clicker, and are able to respond to staff. This can DRAMATICALLY speed up the process of cleaning herbs, as well as many other aspects of the game. Another solution (and this one is pretty exclusive) is to use a device with a touch screen. Some tablets can run java, and .jar files, allowing you to utilize the use of a touch screen while cleaning herbs. My laptop is a touch screen device, and if i cleaned all the herbs in one inventory, (with the touch screen) while also utilizing an autoclicker (Again, you CANNOT afk auto click, but if you're watching it and can respond to staff you are NOT breaking rules.) it takes less than 2 seconds to clean a full inventory of herbs. That's NOT exaggerating by any means whatsoever.
  5. I'm very happy to see players contribute their ideas to the community! I'm looking forward to seeing more as time goes on. Thank you for your suggestions.
  6. I tried to use a cracker and it still doesn't work. These are the red ones. So you have to be a completionist to get obby then?
  7. Hello. Recently, I've had a lot of questions regarding good ways to start out when you join the server. So in this guide we'll be talking about some ways to maximize your #gainz while starting a new account on Eradication X W2. The following information is VITAL for you to progress through the game, and you should follow this guide as well as you can. There are some things you should know immediately when you start your account. Rules A link to the server rules can be found below. Teleportation and information Home Shops Voting Donating Donating is another amazing way to support the server. There are many methods to get to the donation page. One of which would be typing ;;donate in game. Another would be clicking the button at the top of the page! There are six total donation ranks currently in Eradication X World 2. You can find a thread giving information about the donator statuses below Trivia and server announcements Every now and then the server, or a staff member may announce something important, so keep a good eye for that. Trivia is great because you can buy dragonkin lamps from the Trivote shop. This give 500k experience in any skill. It's awesome. A guide for trivia can be found below Task system This will hold account information such as total donated, total time spent in game, pvm points and completionist cape requirements. Once you've learned about the official stuff, you can move on to skills and combat information. Hunter Thieving Herblore Herblore is essential to all levels of gameplay, even after maximum experience is achieved in the skill as the player can make Overloads. These are literally a must for everyone and if you play without them, it will be very difficult to progress. There's an overload making guide below Summoning Dungeoneering Squeel of Fortune Auras A guide regarding auras can be found below. Beginner bosses and boss instances Ballak Fight Caves Mid level gameplay guide coming out soon!
  8. Hello! In this guide I'll be showing you how much xp creating weapons and armor through Smithing will give! For this guide you'll need Bars. The Bars covered in this guide are: Bronze Iron Mithril Adamant and Rune You can find an anvil at home. Let me also say before i show you the xp totals, the best method for leveling up your Smithing level is to make Arrowheads Their use for Fletching is so overwhelmingly superior to any other method that it would be surprising if anyone got 500m Fletching with logs, of any kind. That being said, the fastest xp method would include anything that would require either 3 or 5 bars to make. Such as the sq shield the warhammer the battleaxe the chainbody the kite shield the plate skirt and legs and the plate body You can find the smelting xp guide below! Or the mining and ore xp guide!
  9. This is a guide on how much xp raw foods give you and how much hp they heal. I will add more to the list as i find more cookable raw foods. Some foods require you to use certain tools while Fishing, I've included a list of those tools, which most can be added to your toolbelt. Net Fishing Pole Harpoon Lobster cage Bait Living Minerals All of the above mentioned items can be purchased from the Fishing Store at the fishing skill zone or at ;;shops Shrimp 3,000 xp per cooked shrimp Cooked shrimp heals 20 hp Anchovies 3,000 xp per cooked anchovy Cooked anchovies heal 10 hp Mackerel 6,000 xp per cooked mackeral You cannot currently eat cooked mackeral Cod 7,500 xp per cooked cod Cooked cod heals 70 hp Tuna 10,000 xp per cooked tuna Cooked tuna heals 100 hp Lobster 12,000 xp per cooked lobster Cooked lobster heals 120 hp Bass 13,000 xp per cooked bass Cooked bass heals 120 hp Swordfish 14,000 xp per cooked swordfish Cooked swordfish heals 140 hp Shark 21,000 xp per cooked shark Cooked shark heals 200 hp Cavefish 21,400 xp per cooked cavefish Cooked cavefish heals 200 hp Rocktail 22,500 xp per cooked rocktail Cooked rocktail heals 230 hp Thank you for reading these guides by the way. All the love ❤️
  10. Hello, in this guide we'll be going over how much xp a specific bar gives when smelted, as well as which bars require coal and how much. I'll also discuss which bars are more worth smelting over others. Before we get started, i do believe it's worth mentioning there's a shop where you can buy Smithing materials. It can be found at ;;shops I'd also like to point out that none of these are a good method to level up your Smithing level, this just tells you how much xp you'll expect from bars, and which bars to use, if needed. Bronze 620 xp per bar smelted (1 tin ore 1 copper ore) Bronze bars are the first ones you'll make, they take very little time and are a requirement to start off Smithing. Iron 1,250 xp per bar smelted (1 iron ore) Iron bars are good xp all around. Some ores do not make it out of the furnace into bars. Though you still get the xp for them i believe. Silver 1,370 xp per bar smelted (1 silver ore) I can't think of any reason you'd want to smelt silver into silver bars, but if you do, there's nothing you can currently do with the bars. Steel 1,750 xp per bar smelted (1 iron ore 2 coal) Steel bars are the first of any to require coal to smelt. They're very easy to make and a good source of Smithing xp. Gold 2,250 xp per bar smelted (1 gold ore) Gold bars are relatively nice because they give decent xp but only require 1 ore to make and there's not chance of failing to make the bars. This is a good one for the completionist cape requirement Mithril 3,000 xp per bar smelted (1 mithril ore 4 coal) Mithril is the second bar to require coal to make. I do not recommend making mithril bars at this time, at any level. Adamant 3,750 xp per bar smelted (1 adamant ore 6 coal) Adamant is the third bar to require coal to make. I also do not recommend making adamant bars at this time either, at any level. Adamant bars can be purchased from the Smithing shop at ;;shops Rune 5,000 xp per bar smelted (1 rune ore 8 coal) Rune is the fourth and final bar to require coal to make. These bad boys are special to me because of how much xp they give in Smithing. If you have the ore, the coal and the time to make them, i believe it's well worth it as you could get a massive dose of both Smithing and Fletching xp if you make arrowheads.
  11. This is my xp guide sheet for Firemaking Lets get started Logs Creating a fire gives 4,000 xp Adding to a bonfire gives 4,000 xp Oak Logs Creating a fire gives 6,000 xp Adding to a bonfire gives 5,000 xp Willow Logs Creating a fire gives 9,000 xp Adding to a bonfire gives 8,050 xp Maple Logs Creating a fire gives 13,500 xp Adding to a bonfire gives 15,000 xp Yew Logs Creating a fire gives 20,250 xp Adding to a bonfire gives 20,000 xp Magic Logs Creating a fire gives 30,380 xp Adding to a bonfire gives 23,000 xp Will add a level 99-500m xp counter soon. From level 99, adding them to a bonfire, it would take 21,173 Magic logs to get to 500m xp From level 99, adding them to a bonfire, it would take 24,349 Yew logs to get to 500m xp From level 99, adding them to a bonfire, it would take 32,465 Maple logs to get to 500m xp From level 99, adding them to a bonfire, it would take 60,493 Willow logs to get to 500m xp From level 99, adding them to a bonfire, it would take 97,394 Oak logs to get to 500m xp From level 99, adding them to a bonfire, it would take 121,741 Regular logs to get to 500m xp
  12. Congrats to @Axiz on winning this competition. Get ahold of me in game and I'll give you your rewards. Thanks again to @Marshall for sponsoring this event! The rewards Marshall is including are; 5 Malevolent energy 5 Tectonic Energy 5 Serenic scales Thanks so much and I can't wait to host this again in the near future!
  13. Hey guys, my main goal right now is getting to 12.5b xp. Here's my list for ya. Attack: 212,774,489 Strength: 377,610,703 Defense: 140,732,273 Ranged: 500,000,000 Prayer: 138,508,074 Magic: 500,000,000 Runecrafting: 14,731,056 Construction: 45,692,964 Dungeoneering: 72,053,768 Constitution: 500,000,000 Agility: 42,438,582 Herblore: 193,032,270 Thieving: 39,627,537 Crafting: 265,441,252 Fletching: 97,613,205 Slayer: 100,197,756 Hunter: 14,300,981 Mining: 500,000,000 Smithing: 76,877,586 Fishing: 500,000,000 Cooking: 262,724,472 Firemaking: 124,140,964 Woodcutting: 500,000,000 Farming: 124,478084 Summoning: 40,232,096 Total XP: 5,384,729,756 1/6/2020 1/9/2020 1/12/2020
  14. Hello all! Welcome to my Woodcutting log information guide. Here you will find a list of what trees give how much experience. Lets get started. Regular Tree 2,500 xp Regular trees are the easiest tree to find, and can be found literally about anywhere in Eradication X. Oak Tree 3,750 xp Oak trees are not as common as regular trees, but still are vastly spread out through Eradication X. They can mostly be found around Seer's Village, Varrock, and the Woodcutting Teleport inside the tab Willow Tree 6,750 xp Willow trees are a little more selective where they grow but can still be commonly found behind the bank at Seer's Village, In Draynor, or by the lake, in between Rimmington and Port Sarim. Maple Tree 10,000 Maple trees are even more exclusive than willow, they can be found around Seer's Village. Yew Tree 17,500 Yew trees are actually fairly common in dense areas of regular trees and Oak trees. But specifically can be found Outside the grand exchange, at the Seer's Village, or at the Woodcutting teleport inside the tab. Ivy 17,500 Ivy does not give any item when cut. They can be found at the Varrock castle or the Falador outer walls. Magic Tree 25,000 Magic trees are the highest level trees currently. They are the most rare tree, and do not grow at just anywhere. They can be found within the tree gnome village or the donator zone. They can also be found at "RCA". A multi pvp zone, where you lose equipment and items on death. RCA can be found inside the tab. At level 99, it would take 19,479 Magic logs to get to 500m Woodcutting experience. At level 99, it would take 27,827 Yew logs to get to 500m Woodcutting experience. At level 99, it would take 48,697 Maple Logs to get to 500m Woodcutting experience. At level 99, it would take 72,144 Willow logs to get to 500m Woodcutting experience. At level 99, it would take 129,858 Oak logs to get to 500m Woodcutting experience. At level 99, it would take 194,787 Regular logs to get to 500m Woodcutting Experience.
  15. I'd say I got 3 fury (or)s, a lot of the dragon trim kits and a faithful shield. Otherwise yeah, nothing really.