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  1. As I'm sure most of you know I haven't been very active lately. I've been on winter break from college and I've been working 8-12 hour shifts literally everyday. I'm about to enter my most intensive semester of college yet and I've gotta make a change in my life, I spend too much time gaming and not enough on my studies. I love erad but I currently don't have time for it, I've had too much going on and I hate the feeling that I should be playing because i'm a part of the staff team. You'll still see me around but without my cool crown 😞 I love the grind and i'll be back for top player eventually 😉
  2. Welcome back! Glad you're coming back to play with all of us again, hope to see you grinding for top player again 😉
  3. Lots of mystery here. None the less welcome and I hope to see you online 😁
  4. Hades

    Hey :)

    Welcome back! I love seeing returning players and we hope you enjoy the new server!
  5. Bitch you're like 17 max. Breaking hearts? More like breaking out the lotion you lonely fk.
  6. Hey folks my name is Hades! I'm a Moderator for the server and I've been playing eradication for over four years now. On world 1 I've maxed several accounts and have an abundance of game knowledge, if anyone ever has questions feel free to ask me! 😄 Hope to see everyone on w2 and competing with me to be the top player 😉