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  1. To be honest I haven't used a 3rd party auto clicker in years. If I want to use a auto clicker I use Razer Synapse. I still would like to see some improvements on herblore. Telling new players "go download this program" doesn't sit right with me as a solution should it be the answer Staff give.
  2. While we can use a Autoclicker we'd have to have one that moves through the 28 spaces in the inventory. If you could easily clean herbs by spam clicking the last one in your inventory I'd do it but you're not able to.
  3. In-Game Name: Justin How old are you? 24 Time zone: GMT-8 What position are you applying for? Support Which languages do you speak? English Why do you want to be a part of the staff team? I see the potential that the server has and I'd like to help it grow to where it could be. Do you have any past staff experience? Yes I've been a Co-Owner (Roughly 2 months), Moderator (2-4 months) and Support (3 months) on a few servers over the years. My experience doesn't stop on RSPS'. During my Vocational training I was apart of a student committee that acted as a "government" on campus/dorms (my school was government funded). I primarily spent my time under Recreational and Treasury. In Recreational I helped create a gaming community, organized events/tournaments/meetings. After awhile I left that and went under Treasury and focused on the Student Store, counting inventory, "recruiting" other students to work, restocking and "firing" those that misused their power behind the register (got some stories for that). Please write what you think should be required and expected from the role you are applying for? First and foremost is being active and being quick to respond when a player asks for help. When you're a Staff member your main priority is to assist and help players whether they're new or veteran players. Not only are you are you there for helping players but as a Staff member your actions have weight. Too many times I've gone into servers and have seen Staff throwing around their power as if it meant nothing. What you do and say have consequences and can make a poor image of the Staff/Server. Additional Information: I'm currently attending college, my class Schedule is Monday/Wednesday 8am-2:30/3pm (depends on how much is planned for in class). Anytime after 3pm/my days not at school are when I'm available. I typically stay up till about 10pm-12am. Feel free to ask me anything that you're curious to know more of.
  4. I'd be okay with clean herbs in shops. I'd really like to see something done to deal with the incredibly annoying part of doing herblore (cleaning herbs). Not all of us would want to just buy clean herbs and skip out on getting some farming exp.
  5. Currently we can only get Overloads by making them through Herblore. I do not have an issue with this. But what I do have an issue with is potentially getting carpel tunnel. Right now I'm grinding my way through Herblore to unlock Overloads. If you haven't done herblore yet, a step that you're required to do is to obtain herbs and clean them. Cleaning herbs can be an absolute chore and make you regret even trying to unlock Overloads. A great way to fix this is to of course add in an NPC to trade you grimy herbs for clean ones (preferably noted). But why stop there? An NPC could be introduced to help expedite making Overloads but at a cost. We get 1.2b from voting every day which leads to massive inflation of gold. Of course we can throw our gold to other things like instances etc. but I'd like to suggest another gold sink. Imagine having an NPC that swaps your Super Sets/Extreme Sets for Extreme Sets/Overloads at a price. Prices are of course up to the Developers but I suggest 5m per Super Set and 10m per Extreme Set. We could also include an option to pay more for a small exp gain off doing this but make it far less effective than making them by hand.* Also make the herbs/secondaries cost a reasonable amount within the store. Pros: Devs can come up with another donation benefit/perk for a discounted price. I don't have to spend a bunch of time making Overloads. Cons: You don't gain any exp while doing this.* That's if a part of my suggestion doesn't go through. Edit: I just learned that the "Make all" option doesn't work when making Extreme Ranging potions. Please.... no....
  6. Ingame name: Justin What donator rank(s) are you requesting? Donator Full client screenshot while having the rank equipped:
  7. I'll pick apart your post one at a time in order. 1. We already have an altar in the RCA Area which gives bonus exp on top of the altar+bonus xp weekends. The RCA area is also PvP. 2. I don't have any issue with this one but we already get a lot of gold with just voting as it is I don't see why we need an incentive to Thieve more than getting 120/max exp. 3. No issue here other than removes a incentive to donate. 4. Absolutely yes. Some items are purchasable but only within certain shops which you think is available in the other shops that are similar to it. I.e. Certain melee equipment only within PvP shop. 5. We have Bal for this. 6. I don't see any issue with this but giving a explanation as to why this should be done would be useful. 7. This would be nice but as a possible easier alternative (on the dev side. I'm not sure if this would be easier.) make it a requirement to have a enchanted gem when buying a slayer helmet and make the helmet work as a enchanted gem. 8. A rework for teleports to be more streamlined would be nice. Like the interface we had on W1. 9. I assume we're already going to have a daily system for bosses/etc considering we have an npc shop for it. 10. SOF isn't bad how it currently is. Why change something when it's not broken. 11. Support for this. 12. Importing and developing an entire region isn't easy and would take a considerable amount of time to do. Also people (including myself) come here for the custom bosses/raids. Why spend time on copying what other RSPS' are doing when a big point of the server is for new custom content? I'd rather the Devs spend time on something new that they'd like to add in. Jesus that wall of text, I agree with some of your suggestions but don't see the reasoning behind some of them.
  8. So glad that was removed. Also really happy to see updates. I hope the random movement bug gets fixed sometime soon.
  9. Very sad to hear that, I hope things work out for you. One thing that I always tell people is to prioritize yourself first. As much as I would love to see updates on a very frequent bases don't over do things. World 2 has been a great revision to Erad and I see the potential the server has in time, just don't forget about yourself along the way. Also, Merry Christmas.