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  1. ^^ What Marsh said, welcome to the community!
  2. Hi Tavi! Welcome to the squad, everyone I've met community wise is super cool and welcome!
  3. THE HOUSE: Recruiting NOW Hi! My name is Bryce, and I'm here to start the best clan known to World 2! As many of you know or have yet to experience. CLANS ARE GREAT We will accept ALL people, Admins, owners, co-owners. mods, dicers, vets, skillers, pvmers, pures, pkers and everyone and their momma! My goal as the leader of this clan is too, - Have fun! -Watch us grow! -Gamble a lot -Watch the house win! -Accept all!
  4. Hey guys, I'm Bryce I'm not completely sure if alot of y'all remember me, however I took a break ::((. I've officially gotten through my first semester of college YAY. But I'm going to be attempting to active around Erad and Erad2! But othe than that I am a veteran RSPS player and a semi new semi old Erad player ::))