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  1. Very happy to see updates like these get implemented into the game. Can't wait to see more updates soon!
  2. Ken


    Very nice to see more clans getting involved on the server! I wish you the best of luck with your clan!
  3. Welcome to EradicationX! We're happy to have you here and I hope you have a wonderful journey. :-)
  4. This post are for those looking to join a clan focused on PvM and or PvP. We have fairly high requirements, as we hold the quality of our clan highly, as a result each application will be put up to a vote and entry is decided by clan management. If your application is denied, you will have to wait at least two week before reapplying. Large scale PvM events, giveaways and a trading system with the clan bank are a few of the main benefits of joining the clan, as well as being part of a long lived and highly esteemed clan. However, we do have limited spots to ensure the highest quality. Requirements will be set at a later time. - Minimum of x Total Killcount. - Minimum of x Billion Experience. - Minimum of x Days Time Online. Application Formatting: - In-game Name: - Full Client Screenshot of your Killcounts: - Full Client Screenshot of your XP/Prestige Level: - Full Client Screenshots of your Time Online: The Applications are currently CLOSED! We'll invite the clan members of WORLD 1, message Ken or Marshall for an invite. Any troll applications will be violating the Forum Rules. Any Application that does not follow the format given above, will be denied immediately. Some perks that you will be able to take advantage of when being a member: Official Clank bank which is used for events within the clan. You can also sell/purchase items from and to this bank. Official Customized Clan Title. A unique Forums Signature; Anyone impersonating being a member of the clan and or using the clan signature/title will be punished accordingly.
  5. @Smirnoff Ice Congratulations on being the first to have achieved level 120 in all skills! I'll add $175 store credit onto your account now. Feel free to message an admin when you'd like to use your credit and we'll get to you as soon as possible.
  6. Hey there, this will be a quick and fast trivia guide to keep you guys up to date with all the current answers for the trivia questions. Why answer trivia's and what are the rewards? For every trivia you answer correctly you'll be given 100 points which you'll be able to use in the "trivoteshop" http://prntscr.com/q7akzz Those are some of the rewards you'll be able to obtain by spending your trivia points! 1. Name the SONG S. "Stacie Cant YOu See YOUr Just Not The Girl For Me" A .Stacys mom S. "Oh Mama Mia, Mama Mia, Mama Mia let me go!" A. Bohemian Rhapsody S. "Lamborghini Mercy" A. Mercy S. "Let's go to the beach beach, let's go get away" A. Starships S. "I got sunshine, on a cloudy day", A. My Girl S. "Move to the sound of my body" A. Hips Don't Lie S. "Your poor little heart, will be all alone" A. Runaway Baby S. "Went the distance, now I'm back on my feet" A. Eye of the Tiger S. "Hey I just met you, and this is crazy" A. Call Me Maybe S. "Let's take this back to straight Hip-Hop, and start it from scratch" A. Berzerk S. "It goes one for the money, two for the show, three for the pussy" A. Go To Church S. "Put your weary head to rest, don't you cry no more" A. Carry On Wayward Son S. "I got nine lives, cats eyes" A. Back in Black S. "Rejoice every time you hear the sound of my voice" A. When I'm Gone S. "My love, you'll never live without, I know you want me girl cause I can see you checking me out" A. We Made You S. "Brings me back sweet childhood memories" A. Sweet Child O' Mine S. "California, knows how to party" A. California Love S. "Today is gonna be the day that they're gonna throw it back to you" A. Wonderwall S. "I crashed my car into the bridge" A. I Love It S. "Ah whimo whep ah whimo whep" A. In The Jungle S. "And you can tell anybody, that this is your song" A. Your Song S. "So I set the world on fire, we can burn brighter than the sun" A. We Are Young S. "I won't answer what you need answered" A. I won Lucker 2. Figure out the ANAGRAM Figure out this anagram: 'Mi Pouts' A. Optimus Figure out this anagram: 'geertips' A. Prestige Figure out this anagram: 'hicacot' A. Chaotic Figure out this anagram: 'runtie' A. Runite Figure out this anagram: 'damanta' A. Adamant Figure out this anagram: 'lmhrtii' A. Mithril Figure out this anagram: 'tcas' A. cats Figure out this anagram: 'smtera' A. master Figure out this anagram: 'obom' A. boom Figure out this anagram: 'obesn' A. Bones Figure out this anagram: 'guerdoningene' A. Dungeoneering Figure out this anagram: 'osetirot' A. Tortoise Figure out this anagram: 'staminodiatrr' A. Administrator Figure out this anagram: 'edrootrma' A. Moderator Figure out this anagram: 'rocksalti' A. Rocktails Figure out this anagram: 'megldaono' A. Megalodon Figure out this anagram: 'apre' A. Pear Figure out this anagram: 'odtsiro' A. Doritos Figure out this anagram: 'penhosadeh' A. Headphones Figure out this anagram: 'torpucem' A. Computer Figure out this anagram: 'ekomyn' A. Monkey Figure out this anagram: 'irhucrnea' A. Hurricane Figure out this anagram: 'ybablsa' A. abbysal Figure out this anagram: 'Sept' A. Pets Figure out this anagram: 'werpo' A. Power Figure out this anagram: 'Gailyit' A. Agility Figure out this anagram: 'Yoltyla' A. Loyalty Figure out this anagram: 'Nabana' A. Banana Figure out this anagram: 'Cikalpne' A. Kiln Cape Figure out this anagram: 'Dnoisura' A. Dinosaur, Figure out this anagram: 'Oadlvero' A. Overload 3. SERVER related trivia's Q. "What is the first ancient spell?" A. Smoke Rush Q. "Who is the Owner of this server?" A. Sadie Q. "What is the last ancient spell?" A. Miasmic Barrage Q. "What is the magic level requirement for the High-level Alchemy Spell" A. 55 Q. "What is the most powerful curse?" A. Turmoil Q. "How many Mill’s do you need to make your cash turn Green?" A. 10m Q. "What currency is used to buy Chaotics?" A. Reward Token Q. "What's the strongest spirit shield type?" A. Divine Q. "What's the first four digits of a max stack?" A. 2147 Q. "At what mining level can you mine Runite Ore?" A. 85 Q. "At what mining level can you mine Mithril Ore?" A. 55 Q. "At what mining level can you mine Adamantite Ore?" A. 70 Q. "At what mining level can you mine Gold Ore?" A. 40 Q. "At what fishing level can you fish Lobster?" A. 40 Q. "At what fishing level can you fish SwordFish?" A. 50 Q. "At what fishing level can you fish Tuna?" A. 35 Q. "What Tool do you need to fish Lobster?" A. Lobster Pot Q. "What Tool do you need to fish Tuna?" A. Harpoon Q. "What Tool do you need to fish SwordFish?" A. Harpoon Q. "In which skill you can steal from NPCs?" A. Thieving Q. "To train this skill, players run around obstacle courses" A. Agility Q. "Bronze is to Dragon as Normal logs are to... what?" A. Magic Logs Q. "How much of a percentage does a dragon dagger special require?" A. 25% Q. "What boss drops off-hands chaotics?" A. Donkey Kong Q. "Who is the owner of EradicationX?" A. Era Q. "How many altars are there at home?" A. 1 Q. "What cache revision is EradicationX?" A. 718 Q. "What is maximum combat level in EradicationX?" A. 159 Q. "How much of a percentage does a Thok's sword special require?" A. 25% Q. "What is the best free to play armour?" A. Rune Armour Q. "How much xp is required to achieve 120 Dungeoneering?" A. 104m Q. "What colour is extreme donator?" A. Red Q. "What colour is Supreme donator?" A. White Q. "How many waves are there is Fight Caves Minigame, including the boss wave?" A. 63 Q. "Can you take items inside Dungeoneering? (Yes/No)" A. Yes Q. "How many players can answer one trivia question at a time?" A. 3 Q. "What is the total level required to trade?" A. 400 Q. "Who is the main Developer of EradicationX?" A. Sadie 4. GENERAL trivia's Q. "What animal is classed as the king of the ocean?" A. Great White Shark Q. "What movie is about the earth going into an ice-age?" A. The Day After Tomorrow Q. "Who is Batman's nemesis?" A. The Joker Q. "What movie features Simba the lion?" A. The Lion King Q. "What movie lets any crime alowed for 24 hours?" A. The Purge Q. "Dont stop ____ , just hold on to that feelin'!!" A. Believin Q. "What number did Michael Jordan wear?" A. 23 Q. "What type of fish is Nemo?" A. Clown fish Q. "Who is the founder of Apple?" A. steve jobs Q. "What is the best food ever" A. Bacon Q. "(5(x+6) - 2b(1 + 2) + 69) / (5x - 6b)?" A. 99 Q. "Between Mayweather and Canelo, who won?" A. Mayweather" Q. "What number is Lionel Messi?" A. 10 Q. "What is the longest word in English language without a vowel?" A. rhythm Q. "What was the last letter added to English alphabet?" A. J Q. "How many earth's would fit into the sun?" A. 1.3 million Q. "The first pig's house was made out of?" A. Straw Q. "The second pig's house was made out of?" A. Sticks Q. "What is the best number?" A. 69 Q. "First five to answer 'with 1', wins!" A. With Q. "What's the opposite of up?" A. Down Q. "What's the opposite of down?" A. Up Q. What color is the sky?" A. Blue Q. "What makes History fun?" A. Nothing Q. "Miley Cyrus is the richest teenager in ..." A. America Q. "Michael Jackson is the king of..." A. Pop Q. "What is a popular TV show where this a group of school teenagers who sing?" A. Glee Q. "Who was the runners up of Britain got talent 2010?" A. Twist and Pulse Q. "What is the center of our Earth made of?" A. A Solid Core Of Iron Q. "What can travel faster than light?" A. Nothing Q. "The universe began with ....?" A. The Big Bang Q. "How long does it take for the Earth to go around the Sun?" A. A Year Q. "In China, what do people traditionally use to light their homes at Christmas?" A. Paper Lanterns Q. "On what date do the Belgians have (early) primary gift giving?" A. 6th Of December Q. "Where are Danish children encouraged to believe that Santa's elves live?" A. In the attics of their houses Q. "Who is traditionally said to deliver presents in Russia?" A. Grandfather Frost Q. "Which country originated the tradition of hanging stockings on the fireplace?" A. England Q. "What is the most common litter found on beaches?" A. Glass Q. "How much water on earth is clean enough to drink?" A. 1% Q. "What is water pollution?" A. Oil Q. "What is air pollution?" A. Smoke Q. "What is the mathematical term for a donut?" A. torus Q. "Who is the richest man in the United States?" A. bill gates Q. "What does RAM stand for?" A. random access memory Q. "Who wrote 'To kill a mockingbird'?" A. harper lee Q. " Who developed the theories of general and special relativity??" A. albert einstein Q. "How many faces does an icosohedron have?, A. 20 Q. "Solve - f(x) = sqrt(-x) for x=1" A. i Q. "What is 1024 in octal?" A. 2000 Q. "What is the 6 digit value for blue in hexadecimal?" " A. 0000ff Q. "How many people don't have clean water?" A. 75% 5. Guess the MOVIE M. "Oh no, Leonardo is sinking!" A. Titanic M. "Wait, it's a dream?!?" A. Inception M. "Pie, Boobs, and more!" A. American Pie M. "This movie gives me a nightmare!" A. Nightmare on Elm Street M. "Here's Johnny!" A. The Shining M. "Retired and Extremely Dangerous." A. RED M. "Oh no, it's Jason with a machete!" A. Friday the 13th M. "You don't want to swim in Cape Cod anymore." A. Jaws M. "So after all this, I'm the missing patient?" A. Shutter Island M. "Did you touch my drumset?" A. Step Brothers M. "The greatest hiests of Boston." A. Town M. "The greatest parody including the movie Narnia." A. Epic Movie M. "The series of scary movie parodies." A. Scary Movie M. "*flicks lighter in attic*" A. The Grudge M. "Too fast for you?" A. Fast and Furious M. "The world is ending!" A. 2012 M. "Tsunami survival and reuniting." A. The Impossible M. "Good old James Bond." A. 007 M. "Shut Up Marv!" A. Home Alone M. "I'm going to make him an offer he can't refuse." A. The Godfather M. "May the Force be with you." A. Starwars M. "Toto, I've got a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore." A. The Wizard Of Oz M. "There's no place like home." A. The Wizard Of Oz M. "You're gonna need a bigger boat." A. Jaws M. "My precious." A. The Lord of the Rings M. "Houston, we have a problem." A. Apollo 13 M. "Hasta la vista, baby." A. Terminator 2 M. "I feel the need—the need for speed!" A. Top Gun M. "Say what again!" A. pulp fiction M. "Great. Can it send me to Hawaii?" A. tron M. "Forget it, Jake, it's Chinatown." A. Chinatown
  7. good to see you'll be playing on here as well, very genuine introduction too!