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  1. Will look into this.
  2. Obsidian Update + Obsidian Shards: The Obsidian Shards are dropped by the bosses known as the Obsidian Champion and TzHaar-Jad. These shards are very powerful items and are used to reach the next level gear. In order to do this however, you need to get one. Kill the bosses, receive a shard and then continue to ALCH the shard in order to receive an Obsidian Bar, which has a bigger purpose. What to do with Shards?: Alch them (Requires 120 smithing & magic). Sell them (They're trade-able, whereas the bars and armour aren't) + Obsidian Bars: Once you have obtained the Obsidian Bar, you're able to do various of things with it. You can access a shop located at the Abyss teleport location, where you're able to purchase the following items: As you can see, there's only an option to purchase the melee version of the set. That's because the Ranged and Magic will be unlocked another way. They will also require different versions of the shards. + Vorago: Vorago is the new powerful raid boss, which has a re-spawn time of 10 minutes, and requires a team with powerful weapon and gear to be killed. The boss is rather complicated and will not be easily defeated. Accessible to those who have prestiged a minimium of 3 times. Important Moves from Vorago: "Vorago is channeling a large attack!" - In failure to pray against Magic, you will most likely die to a very powerful attack. "Vorago has broken off pieces of himself!" - In failure to pray against Ranged you will most likely die as well. + Abyssal Death: These are new monsters, which are found in the Abyss. They are tougher and will have more valuable drops, but like everything else, have certain requirements to access. These NPC's are located in the Abyss and is accessible through the ::abyss/teleport options in-game. In order to access this teleport you must have obtained the Completionist Cape. Drop-table: Eradicated Bones are the current best Prayer XP in the game. They are able to be buried, used on altar and with the bonecrusher. No matter what you use, they will be the best XP for prayer. + Christmas Crackers: (no longer obtainable) When using the christmas crackes on another player, you will receive a random item from the list below. This was obtainable from dealing 7,500 damage to the Bal'lak Boss. This cracker may become available again in the future, but as of now it's not. Those who were online during the time it was obtainable, will have the access to receive one of these items: + Boss Slayer: The boss slayer assignment and rewards have been adjusted. This is the full list of the bosses and their rewards: + Money Makers: The RCA thieving stall thieve amount has been adjusted to the player's thieving level. The amount has been changed for each milestone the player reaches. The chinchompa hunting method has been turned into a money maker. You're now able to sell the chinchompas to the sell shop for a value of 10m GP each. + Squeal of Fortune: Due to the player feedback on the SOF feature, we've decided to buff the rewards from the "minigame". They are significantly better, with better lamps, and/or cosmetics. We've made almost everytime from uncommon and above better, the rest is still there. P.s: There's a 0.01% chance of receiving a unique partyhat, santa hat, h'ween mask, and sled! + Fight Caves & Fight Kiln Services: Due to players needing to complete these two minigames in order to continue their grind throughout the game, it's a rather large requirement to have, to some. There are certain people who have issues regarding connection, frames and even their mouse. It's not super fair to give people who don't have this issue an advantage in terms of progression. There's things such as services but that includes giving out your password to players and even if you change it from your normal, they still have access to do whatever with your account until they're done, and that obviously encourages some shady business. So we've decided that you'll be able to purchase the Fight Caves & Fight Kiln minigame requirement off Moderators. Fight Caves: 1b Fight Kiln: 5b These prices are expected to be adjusted to the economy! Miscellaneous: (only useful info) Fixed the issue where purchasing/selling to the shop became unavailable, this was due to the shop going above the maximum value. Removed the Fight Caves requirement for Easy Bosses. Made Fight Caves requirement for Intermediate bosses. Made Fight Kiln requirement for Advanced bosses. Added a thieving counter for the stalls located at the home location. Changed/Adjusted the items inside of the voting shop. Fixed overloads making (3) into (4), not actually a fix but yeah. Made it so that untradeables will be turned into dust upon death in the wilderness / red portal. Fixed the perks that did not work properly. Removed Anti-Bot completely. Suggestions?: Be sure to leave your ideas on our forums by making a thread here. Be sure to leave your ideas on our Discord, you can find the link here.
  3. Hi Eradicators, As many of you might have noticed, there's been a lack of actual "server updates" and of course communication between the community and Developers, and this does all have a reason behind it. For the last couple of weeks, I have not been present a lot to help with Development. During the time we released w2 my laptop started messing up quite a lot, and eventually it just wouldn't boot up sometimes, and in addition to this, I was also kicked out of my house causing me to be completely unable to do anything. I've moved around here and there, had my mother deliver my laptop to me so that I could work a day or two, but that's around everything I've gotten access to do. As the wannabe lawyer I am, i've sued my step-dad for continuous emotional trauma & distress. In addition to this, i've also sued a friend of mine for restitution for the theft he committed (which should get me a brand new computer if I win). So let's hope i'll be able to win them both, although I will be representing myself (extra credit for uni😉). The situation itself was critical, but thanks to the Staff & Friends I managed to figure it out, and I should be returning in just a few days. Merry Christmas babes, Sadie.
  4. Christmas Event 2019 Event: Teleport to the event area by typing ::xmas. Once there, you will see a santa claus. Talk to the santa and he'll give you two different options. Xmas Fun: This area is filled with easily killed NPC's who drops valuable loot. They're weak to everything and drops the following loot: This area will be available for a random amount of time, meaning the Developers will disable this whenever they feel like it, better get grinding! Xmas Boss: (WILL SOON BE RELEASED) The boss is located on top of a castle, and drops very good loot. Kill the ice demon and have a shot at one of our brand new christmas crackers! Info on that below! Ice Demon drop table: Bal'lak: (WILL SOON BE RELEASED) When dealing more than 7,500 damage to Bal'Lak, you will receive one of the three Christmas Crackers! Christmas Cracker: (WILL SOON BE RELEASED)
  5. We've been more focused on bug fixing lately, content additions are in the works. Abyssal Death: These are new monsters, which are found in the Abyss. They are tougher and will have more valuable drops, but like everything else, have certain requirements to access. These NPC's are located in the Abyss and is accessible through the ::abyss/teleport options in-game. In order to access this teleport you must have obtained the Completionist Cape. Drop-table: Eradicated Bones are the current best Prayer XP in the game. They are able to be buried, used on altar and with the bonecrusher. No matter what you use, they will be the best XP for prayer. Additions: Added Cyndrith's Chest Added Elite Quest I, II & III Added Noname cape 1,2,3 & 4 Added a command for Administrators to give/set donation amounts. Added a command for Administrators to give but not take donator ranks. Added a command for Administrators to set others and their skill levels. Added a command for Administrators to link a website to a player. Added a command for Administrators to spawn items into a player's inventory. Added decent rewards to the Mystery Box. Removed Partyhats, Santa Hats & H'ween masks from the Mystery Box rewards. Added Fight Caves & Kiln scroll. Added a security check on these scrolls to prevent you from wasting one. Added a nurse at home, resets prayer, health and stats. Added command shortcuts for donators, these were disabled due to requirement bypassing! Added Ken's Trivia Guide to the information tab. Changed the speed of mining higher ores. Added Dicezone Added Curseon/off, Moderns & Ancients command for Super Donators. Added charm drops Added the Damage Dummy Added a check for inventory space when claiming rewards Added boss killcounts Added boss instances Added logout message to match the login message Added dummy leaderboards Added vote sites Increased guaranteed drops from obby king to 250 Increased the use of enchanting gem's teleporting to task from 25m to 100m. Added a ;;gem command for those who have the slayer portrayer perk. Added commands to claim votes, ;;Claimvote, ;;reward & ;;claimreward Adjusted vote tickets you receive based on donator rank Added thieving counter to comp Added a new Voting Shop, Dungeoneering Shop & Smithing Shop Made the Taxes unable to take rare boss drops Bug Fixes: Fixed a bug where summoning didn't count in the combat level code. Accessing intermediate bosses with 120 combat should now work. Fixed an issue where donators didn't have access to yell. Fixed an issue where donators didn't have access to bank. Fixed an issue where Moderators didn't have access to yelling nor their moderation commands. Fixed an issue where higher donators didn't have the commands below them. Same with the staff ranks. Fixed an issue where woodcutting trees disappeared after one log cut. Fixed an issue where people who donated for the slayer perk did not receive the gem. Fixed an issue where you couldn't invite people to your clan. Buffed the price of teleporting to slayer task. Increased the shop amounts drastically. Items should never run out of stock now. Added Dragonfire shield to general store. Fixed a bug with the dummy not having a timer, this was very critical. Fixed the re-spawn rate of bandos, armadyl, zamorak & saradomin it was set at a horribly long time lol. Fixed the issue where you'd get a message about XP well when using an item on an altar etc... Fixed the links in EX tab to direct to the second forum. Fixed the issue where the donate link was directed to the w1 server, it's now directed to w2. Fixed an issue where you couldn't teleport out of PvM combat. Removed the interface saying the donator perks and instead linked to the forums thread. Fixed Miasmic Barrage for Extreme Donators. Fixed the issue where Glacors weren't weak to magic Fixed the issue where Ivy were better woodcutting XP than Magic Trees. Fixed an issue where mystery box would open more than one Replaced General Store with a better functional one, including rakes and "useful" items. Added the missing "Arcane Stream Necklace" to the dungeoneering shop. Fixed an issue where equipping master capes required 500m rather than level 120. Fixed an issue where the lamp text wouldn't go away. Fixed an issue where Skeletons had a shit ton of HP. Fixed an issue where going over max cash would turn your value to 1. Removed PartyHats from vote shop Made players able to sell to the "buy" interface Made sell 500 to sell all, which will sell a maximum of 2147483647 Fixed the ;;setpass command Removed GWD minions Fixed an error within the glacor combat script causing its defence to be incredibly high. Fixed an error which caused the dungeoneering to white screen. Fixed Miasmic Barriage for extreme donators and above. Fixed the problem with slayer tasks not able to be given and lagging the server Added a dialogue for when you want to pickup a pet to prevent misclicks 24/7 Fixed the ascension weapons attacking with and giving melee XP Made trees highly unlikely to "die" / despawn. Fixed the dummy timer Fixed an issue where Kuradal wouldn't charge money for resetting task Fixed mod crown and head mod privileges Fixed clue scroll donation error Removed level up announcements for administrators and higher. Fixed an issue where you wouldn't be able to wear a Max Cape Fixed the requirements on the cape rack stand Fixed the boss pet announcement when dropped Fixed clan inviting Fixed an issue with instances when pin didn't charge any money Fixed overload from making (3)'s to making (4)'s Fixed where players would be able to use the bank keybind anywhere Fixed all furnaces in-game to be working properly Suggestions?: Be sure to leave your ideas on our forums by making a thread here. Be sure to leave your ideas on our Discord, you can find the link here.
  6. Hi Eradicators, My name's Adam, i'm from Sweden, for the moment i'm 21 years old young and i'm really good at math. I like to spend my time doing all kinds of stuff from studying to breaking hearts. Currently I spend most of my time studying Law and when i'm free I develop on World 2. I like discussions about practically anything, especially if it's a sensitive topic, cause I really love tearing people apart from the inside 😄 Nice to meet you 🧙‍♀️
  7. Greetings Eradicators, We'll be hosting three different events for y'all! Introduction Event: Simply introduce yourself on the forum and we'll be picking a random number of people who have made a good introduction of themselves to win a starter package including XP boosts that will give you an advantage. Simply make a thread and introduce yourself here! First to Skill: For Skillers we have a competition to max out all your skills to 99. That means, level all your levels except for combat up to 99. The first one to do this will receive $50 Donation Credit. First to Max: Here on World 2, all skills go up to 120. The first person to level all their skills all the way up to 120 with valid proof will receive $175 Store Credit. If you've won either of these it's as simple as providing a full valid screenshot of the announcement, skill tab & date, then replying with it here. Good luck to those participating!
  8. 6/12/2019 - Official Release Date This Friday, it's finally time... to release the long awaited second world! The Head Administration team have been working a long and constant time on the second world in order to make it as identical as we can to the main world, but with the changes we wanted to make. Such as the tier progression and overall game-play, but most importantly the P2W aspect of the game. We're glad to say, that aspect of the game is now unnoticeable. For actual information on what's been added there's a couple of things mentioned in this thread and of course in our Official Discord. We apologize for the time it has taken, but mainly only the Owners (and Hades) have been working on this as the other members have been very busy with their lives. This is in terms of ideas and testing. But now, we believe it's all ready to be released in a "Early Access". Gimme mah fucking refund hoe: To apply for a refund, please make a thread here. We will NOT be refunding anyone who doesn't apply for it here. (Hero Donators can ignore this). To see the new donator perks/benefits - you can see a list here. Beginner Event: We'll be hosting a forums event where it's as simple as just introducing yourself to the community by making a thread here. We'll be picking a couple of winners who will receive a very useful starter package including a few hours of XP Boosts. Only way to have a bigger chance of winning is by putting effort into the thread 🙂 Make one here. Winner will be picked upon the release. Hope to see you! As aforementioned we apologize for the delay, but we're thrilled to see that there's still so many with us! Hopefully you're just as excited as we are and we hope to see you there! Suggestions?: Got any suggestions as to what content or changes you'd like to see? Be sure to leave a note on our Forums or using the appropriate text-channel on Discord! Got any feedback on the server or our staff team? Feel free to leave some feedback Here to help us improve even more! Thanks, Sadie & Era
  9. To pre-order an item, please contact Sadie on the Forums or the Discord. This is the daily item: Check Discord #auction These items will be available to pre-order all week: Red Partyhat - $50 USD Yellow Partyhat - $50 USD Blue Partyhat - $50 USD Green Partyhat - $50 USD Purple Partyhat - $50 USD White Partyhat - $50 USD Black Partyhat - $100 USD Lava Partyhat with Fire Cape Animation - $130 Golden Scythe - $50 USD Attacker Lvl 5 - $25 USD Defender Lvl 5 - $25 USD Collector Lvl 5 - $25 USD Healer Lvl 5 - $25 USD Dicer Rank Status - $50 USD (50% OFF!) Packages: Own Customized Partyhat - $150 Partyhat Set with 2 Custom Partyhats - $400 USD Partyhat Set with 2 Custom Partyhats and Rainbow Partyhat - $500 USD Custom Armor Requests - $150 (70% OFF!) Personalized Re-named Weapon - $75 Note: Rainbow Partyhat will never be re-introduced/obtainable in-game.
  10. Staff Members enforce the rules, be sure to read them to make sure you won't face any problems. Interested in becoming a Staff Member? Make sure to apply here! These are our Staff Members. This is ALWAYS updated! Who do I contact?: Anything Forums Related? - General Questions? - My screen is black? - My account is Jailed or muted? - My client isn't loading? - I've been scammed! - My account is Banned? - I want to place a Report! - I'm having Donation Issues! - My Appeal was dealt with unfairly! - I want to report a bug! - I forgot my Password! - I forgot my Bank Pin! - I've been hacked! - I'm missing items! - I want to report a Staff Member! - I want to apply for Developer! - I want to apply for Forum Administrator! - As you can see, the owners are not listed as an option, and that's because you aren't supposed to contact them, so don't. If the staff you're looking for is unavailable, you may contact another one. Do refrain from contacting the highest staff member if possible. Server Support: These are the lowest ranked Staff Members we have. They are the ones who very recently got promoted and are learning how to handle their new commands to their use. Things these member's can do are; kicking, muting and jailing your accounts. As mentioned in the name, they are solely here for the purpose of being supportive and helping player's in need. All Staff Members have to start as a Server Support. Server Moderator: When the Staff Manager believes that we're in need of someone with a higher power and believe there's a person fit for it, that person will receive a promotion from Server Supporter to a Server Moderator. This is a rather big promotion in terms of commands and responsibility. Moderators receive commands such as; ban & ip-ban, which are two very powerful commands. In addition to this, moderators also take care of player appeals & reports. Staff Members will most likely have this rank for a very long time. Head Moderator: When a Moderator gets promoted, they either a) receive an Administrator position or b) receive the Head Moderator position. That decision is however made by the Staff Manager. The Head Moderator is still a Moderator, but with a few more responsibilities. The member who earns the position of the Head Moderator is the most experienced Moderator, and will be the "leader" of the Moderators. They are able to hold Staff Meetings and access to handle gamble requests such as taking and giving a dicer/senior gambler rank. There can only be one Head Moderator. Forum Administrator: This rank are for those who Administrate the Forum. The Forum Administrator updates the Forum and makes sure it's always clean from spammers and bots. They spend their time making new channels and adding new things to it like guides and appeal centers to make sure this is the go-to place instead of Discord. In most cases, these members are also have the same commands in-game as the Server Moderators. Server Administrator: These members manage the Server's Administration. This means they manage all the issues relevant to a player's account. This will mean, recoveries, refunds, bugs and always makes sure the Moderators makes justified decisions in Appeals & Reports. Administrators are the go-to people when in need of account assistance. Sounds easy, but requires a lot of experience and being able to view things from different perspectives. Also don't forget, Administrators still have the same responsibility as the lower ranked ones. Server Administrator is usually the highest rank a member will reach. Head Administrator (Server Manager): This is the highest rank a player can receive. This person manages the whole Staff Team and the Server. The Manager helps the Owner with content creation and delivers important messages as well as makes sure the Developers prioritize what the players & server needs the most. This person is in charge of the Staff Team and deals with the demotions & promotions. In addition to this, they also take care of Staff Reports and Player Suggestions. The manager is also in charge of hosting server & forum events. There can only be one Head Administrator. Owner / Developer: Era focuses on the technical, such as client issues, bugs and things that refrains the player from enjoying the game-play. Sadie focuses on the content, such as creating bosses, adding new items to make sure the players are entertained. Aside from Development, the Owners have the right to overrule any decision made by their Staff Members. The Owners are not easily contacted, because they do not want to deal with issues that they have Staff Members for. When an Owner is needed, an Administrator will contact them. The Head Administrator communicates daily with the Owners to update them with what's going on and what suggestions we should consider. The owners takes care of advertisements, voting and everything else.
  11. Owner/Developer - Era - - Sadie - - Reddragon - Server Manager - Marshall - Server Administrator - Xilent - - Ken - Forum Administrator - Marshall - Head Moderator - Server Moderator - Server Support - Fear De Taco - - Tavriahll - Staff members enforce EradicationX's Official Rules. Staff Members will under no circumstances ever ask for your password, if they do, contact the Server Manager. Want to become a part of the Staff Team? Make an Application when they're open Here! Promotion Log Demotion/Resignation Log
  12. Staff Members hold the right to punish any player/user they deem disruptive, these rules are only put into place as guidelines and the punishments may not be according to the rules, they could be lesser or greater. If you have any questions about the rules decreed here, please message a staff member for assistance. Rule #1: Third-party Software/Macros Usage of Third-party software in order to obtain an unfair advantage will get you punished. For example; using an auto-clicker to AFK skill. You are however allowed to auto-click whilst actively watching your screen (being able to answer a staff member). [First offence will result in a jail] Rule #2: Advertising Advertising will immediately get you IP-banned, no matter if it's on the Discord, Forums or the Server. Advertising is strictly forbidden and will never be taken lightly. [Instant IP-ban] Rule #3: Wilderness Following things are NOT tolerated in the wilderness: Boosting your KD with another account, person. When risking in the wilderness both parties will have to agree on the rules and stakes before starting the fight (proof needed if anyone was scammed). [Punishment varies] Rule #4: Mutes We're constantly striving after having a as friendly community as we can possibly have, in order to do so, everyone would have to follow the terms below: Staff disrespecting will not be tolerated, staff members are here to help. They will be treated with respect. Flaming, whether it's towards a staff or a regular player is not tolerated. Listen to a staff member when being told to do something (within limits of course). Advertising will cause you to immediately get banned. Racism is not tolerated. There should only be one language spoken in the friends chat. That's English, we want the environment to be as good as it can be for all players. If you want to talk in another language please feel free to open a clan chat or simply use your private chat. Constant Toxic Behavior is not tolerated. If a staff member deems your behavior as inappropriate/toxic they have the right to place an appropriate punishment. [Punishments - 24h+ mute to IP-mute] Rule #5: Dicing Before starting dicing both parties will have to agree on the rules as well as the paybacks no matter what game you are playing. Refusing to pay back can result with your dicer rank being withdrawn. Each and every dicer will have 3 marks (chances) before their dicer rank gets withdrawn, based on the circumstance it may get taken the very first time. [Punishment varies] Rule #6: Abuse of bugs/duping/exploits Abuse of any glitches/bugs/exploits on the server is not tolerated, and each member will be banned or IP-Banned from the community per the administration's discretion. We will and shall not tolerate flaws being abused to make someone richer, or promote themselves in-game or on the forums. If you have found a bug by mistake be sure to report it immediately to a staff member to avoid getting caught up in the mess. [Punishments: Account ban to IP-ban] Rule #7: Scamming If you are caught scamming, you must reverse your trade. If you choose not to do it yourself, an administrator will log into your account and do it for you. If you choose the gamble an item that's not yours, you will get severely punished. NOTE; Lending items to another player is at your own risk! Staff may choose to not interfere! [First offense - 24 Hour Jail - IP-ban] Rule #8: Real World Trading Purchasing, Selling, or Trading (RWT) - Purchasing/selling goods, or services (accounts, real life items, RSGP, Microsoft points, riot points, other private server items for Eradication Reborn items, etc.) will not be tolerated and action will be taken. We don't have the time for members to come to us and tell us that they've been scammed or hacked. We will not be held responsible of the scam, or hacking, simply because it doesn't concern us. [Instant IP-ban] Rule #9: Threats, DDOSing, Missleading Links Making IRL threats to another player is not tolerated, same goes for DDOS threats. Misleading links, e.g. a keylogger. If you send a link which seems to be for example youtube, we expect it to be youtube and not anything else. [Punishment - Instant ban/IP-ban] Rule #10: Evading a Punishment Punishment Evading - All punishments handed to members is the sole reason as to why a community remains stable. Those who evade their mutes, jails, and IP-bans after being punished will simply be dealt with accordingly with harsher terms. You are not allowed to create another account on the server to appeal, discuss your punishment, or play (account bans are an exception). Do not bother to cause more problems than you already have prior, simply appeal the punishment via the forums and let us deal with it from there. [Punishment - Harsher than previous punishment] Rule #11: Multi-voting Voting for more than the maximum number of votes per day (16) is not permitted. If you are found to be doing so (especially in excess), the vote tickets or the equivalent value of what was received from multi-voting will be revoked from your account. Continued multi-voting may result in more serious consequences. [Punishment - From a warning to a Ban/IP-ban (if continuous)] Rule #12: Spamming Spamming on the server will not be permitted, acts of such feats will be acted upon accordingly by the staff members of Eradication Reborn. We should all be acting as mature as we can while on the server and respect each others wishes as well, those who continue to do such feats will be removed from the server if needed. Yell should NOT be abused, if it is abused then the rights to 'Yell' may not be reinstated. If anything, take a few seconds, or a minute or two and then do it again, otherwise don't constantly send messages. The spam rule includes buying/selling on ::yell. There should be at least an interval of 1 minute when ::yell is being used for this purpose. Trolling is not accepted on this server, it's idiotic and immature, we do not accept this behavior and the member is eligible to be muted on the spot depending on the staff member. This applies for ::yell channel too. Auto-Typer is not allowed unless the timer is set to a minimum of 40 second intervals,if this rule is broken the punishment could be severe depending on the amount of times the rule is broken. The use of an auto-typer will not be tolerated in case it is being abused to execute commands. [Mute (time varies)] Rule #13: Ragging We strive towards keeping our community friendly and helpful. ragging other members of the community will not be tolerated. Ragging will be defined as "going out of your way to disrupt someone else's playing experience, where it's your sole intent to ruin the game for that person at no real benefit to yourself". [First offense = Jail] [Mute (time varies) if deemed fit by the staff member] Note: these rules applies to the Forums and Discord as well as both of the Servers. If you're unsure or have a question about a rule, please contact a staff member and ask them to explain it to you. Please refrain from making own assumptions/taking chances when it comes to the rules. Do also note that staff members are able to punish a player based on their action when deemed appropriate even though the action is not listed in the rules. Please use common sense when playing.