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  1. Well done @Smirnoff Ice for beating me 😛 but I am the first to prestige haha 😛 so here is 2days play time all gone in one word :: prestige
  2. hey all here you will be able to find all non cb skill guides. (Will be making more vids soon bare with) 1-99-120 MINING 1-99-120 FARMING 1-99-120 THIEVING 1-99-120 SMITHING OTHER SKILLS ARE COMING SO PLEASE BARE WITH MUCH LOVE
  3. Hi all this is a quick and simple crafting guide for all 1st you are going to want to go to RCA 1.25XP boost skilling zone. Dw people don't kill you here as of yet. 2nd: Talk to the skilling supplies dude and buy around 150 opals. Cut them till around 70 crafting. 3rd Buy as many dragon stones as possible as this is the best exp I have found in game at this moment . and boom cut till 99-120
  4. Hi there.. I have posted this in the media section of the form already but thought I would just post it here to. im a complete max 99 skiller date achieved 7- December 2019 4:37am
  5. Looking forward to seeing you in game boss we can skill together
  6. This took around 7 and half hours from release of server. God im glad its done yay me 😛 here are the screen shots woop. Thank you to @Sadie and @Smirnoff Icefor keeping me company
  7. So hyped this server is comming back to its glory i used to play old old old erad many moons ago thought it was dead could not find it for ages but now i have .