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  1. this could be done with other non melee weapons to create multiple sets. like ascensions or possibly another staff or bow combination,
  2. i just had a single suggestion or idea, we currently have dyes obtainable through clue scrolls. however, i feel a great way to implement the dyes could also be creating a new one only obtainable by using all the currently available ones on each other and creating a new one ( we can call it eradication dye) then using it on high level gear such as obsidian or flammy. lets say the eradication dye is used on obsidian armor, it could give 15% boost to all stats and a 20% boost to strength bonus, thus naming it eradication armor. using it on a flammy could possibly alter its stats and boost everything up by 10-20% and changing its color to black with a blue flame. none of these are easily obtainable and adding the dyes they could be made untradeable. possibly you could add a set bonus for equiping the entire set and give an extra boost or benefit. Numbers are just being thrown out, while everything is subject to change i feel like this would be a nice addition.
  3. In-Game Name: Fear De Taco How old are you? 26 Time zone: Est gmt-5 What position are you applying for? server mod, support Which languages do you speak? english Why do you want to be a part of the staff team? I have learned much about the sever through game play and with help of a few of my senior players. i can help bear some of the staffs' stress with all players and i can continue to learn as the client continues to grow. i have grown to know many members of the staff and want to help them as i do not plan on going anywhere. regardless of a staff position i will continue helping Erad-W2 grow as much as possible, while helping new players learn the ropes and current players . Do you have any past staff experience? I was head admin of Rawrscape for 9 months, owner gave up as we were growing to 40 active and the server died. Please write what you think should be required and expected from the role you are applying for? I'm not great with words, or English for the matter, however i feel my expectations are to be actively playing and to help where its necessary. to welcome all new players and to teach them how the server has grown and how to get themselves on their feet. to make sure everyone is abiding by the rules and to actively watch for bugs/glitches and anyone who is abusing them. also to continue with ideas to help the server grow. Additional Information: My real name is Tim, most of the players have met me and i enjoy playing with you all. i may be busy in the warm months here in Ohio climbing trees and doing landscaping. however i will make time to be on every single day. i appreciate everyone who has supported me in my quest to help the cause of Eradicationx-w2!
  4. i would even suggest adding clean herbs in the shop would make this simpler. most exp gained is through potions anyways. if someone chooses to clean herbs there are plenty of npc's who drop them, or even farming.
  5. 1)RCA altar i believe is non functioning due to location(or i just couldn't get it to work) and needs to be fixed but that is simple. (im a relatively new player in the server so i was unaware of this regardless) 2)simply put each prestige raises the amount a small % to encourage people to do so. not necessarily hunting/thiev due to their high gold value. however this price at max sell should not surpass buy price from any store. i'm referring to woodcut/mining ect. 3)i dont have much info on this as i was asked to add it by another player 4)condensing is what i was thinking maybe not so much all into one but each combat style having a shop for itself including the pvp shop in 1. as a new player it confused me with all the shops and id occasionally miss something, just to simplify it 5) i've done bal a few times and its dead and the drops are less than desirable most times, granted its a random mystery box it can be solo'd though. i was thinking something buffed that comes around once ever 4 hours or so and is around for 15-20 minutes that requires multiple people 6) even a skilling shop to gain points for items to add to tool belt like crystal axe or pickaxe. some new combat or skilling pets(havent seen a skilling pet so unsure if there is one or not) 7) my ideas are subject to change of course, if there are ways to make them better, thats great do so. so im happy you think its a good idea 8.) 9) again i had troubles with the shops so i may have missed this. 10) sof just recently got buffed, now it needs to be brought back down a little. we could always try to change the prizes possibly ? i just think it could have some beneficial changes made 11) i feel like a variatey in slayer masters/monsters would be nice. however you are right, im just giving ideas to creat someone elses ideas. we can make stuff custom, just need to spark the conversation I hope i could help clear some of the confusion up a little bit
  6. I'm sorry for any grammar/spelling mistakes i was creating this list as i was awake for 43 hours
  7. I have just recently joined Eradication x w2, in that time i have been thinking of ways the game could possibly improve. Not all of my ideas need to be even considered, however i feel these could help out a good amount. take them as you wish and change them to what will be best. chaos alter- players made aware when being used. double xp/%25-%50chance of saving a bone? gathering skills resources general store sell price raises based on prestige lvl? (i.e.%5-%10) per prestige make cave fish available at fishing tele for non donors going for 120 combat/pk shop layout rework? world boss- avatar? appears every 24 hours and everyone can join for a random reward ability to upgrade items in tool belt based from something like skill points earned from doing gathering skills. like mining/woodcut gets adze after so many points adding enchanted gem abilites to for slayer to eradication x pannel after purchased slayer teleport in gem abilities or spell book for most monsters outside of common areas daily minigames/bosses minigames give bonus points and bosses give better damage % and drop rate swap squeel of fortune with treasure hnter and remove a lot of the junk(noticed a lt of people have spins they dont even use) add a warning prompt to brimhaven teleport that you will need some sort of antifire because of location you spawn mount karluum slayer dungeon/brimstone keys? There will be more to come as I continue to play and experience the server, i hope this will benefit and help it to grow!