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  1. Hate to see my American counter-part, person to blame, and good person leave our staff team. By the way great signature continue on it like I did on World 1 forums, will become a masterpiece. But good luck on studies (they suck) and enjoy the flat world you have. Love you're favorite person, Xilento
  2. Good luck with the clan brother! You are correct clans do make for a lot more fun in the game as you can do all kind of different things. Hope "The House" will be big enough for some clan related activities with other clans that will be started soon (hopefully).
  3. If only that was a true story, we all know you're real name is Matilda and you only work/play rsps you don't go outside that's not cool in Australia. I wish to meet you ingame to have more fun and interesting conversations.
  4. Wow such much very impressed by this introduction length, detail, and most of all smartness.
  5. As most of you know I have spent quite a few years on the EradicationX source. My name is Adam just like @Sadie but I am 19 years old, unlike Sadie I hate to study so in my free time I play video games or RSPS. I usually work about 50 hours a week and constantly doing something. Over the past few years my time online has definitely decreased but my motivation is still the same. I love helping the community out as well as assisting the developers in trying to create great new content for everyone to love and enjoy. Can't wait to see everyone ingame!
  6. I think I can agree to everything you said except you saying you're good at math, for some reason I just have a doubt in my mind.
  7. Glad to see you coming back I really did enjoy playing with you before left. Hope to see you ingame quite often.
  8. I've enjoyed playing ever variation of erad since we started grinding together. Hope fully we can do more soon on W2
  9. If only you had something to hide (think)
  10. Xilent

    Hey all

    Nice to see you found your way back, hopefully you enjoy the new server.