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    Good idea for future contents, i'll put this in mind 😎
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    i just had a single suggestion or idea, we currently have dyes obtainable through clue scrolls. however, i feel a great way to implement the dyes could also be creating a new one only obtainable by using all the currently available ones on each other and creating a new one ( we can call it eradication dye) then using it on high level gear such as obsidian or flammy. lets say the eradication dye is used on obsidian armor, it could give 15% boost to all stats and a 20% boost to strength bonus, thus naming it eradication armor. using it on a flammy could possibly alter its stats and boost everything up by 10-20% and changing its color to black with a blue flame. none of these are easily obtainable and adding the dyes they could be made untradeable. possibly you could add a set bonus for equiping the entire set and give an extra boost or benefit. Numbers are just being thrown out, while everything is subject to change i feel like this would be a nice addition.
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    Hello. Recently, I've had a lot of questions regarding good ways to start out when you join the server. So in this guide we'll be talking about some ways to maximize your #gainz while starting a new account on Eradication X W2. The following information is VITAL for you to progress through the game, and you should follow this guide as well as you can. There are some things you should know immediately when you start your account. Rules A link to the server rules can be found below. Teleportation and information Home Shops Voting Donating Donating is another amazing way to support the server. There are many methods to get to the donation page. One of which would be typing ;;donate in game. Another would be clicking the button at the top of the page! There are six total donation ranks currently in Eradication X World 2. You can find a thread giving information about the donator statuses below Trivia and server announcements Every now and then the server, or a staff member may announce something important, so keep a good eye for that. Trivia is great because you can buy dragonkin lamps from the Trivote shop. This give 500k experience in any skill. It's awesome. A guide for trivia can be found below Task system This will hold account information such as total donated, total time spent in game, pvm points and completionist cape requirements. Once you've learned about the official stuff, you can move on to skills and combat information. Hunter Thieving Herblore Herblore is essential to all levels of gameplay, even after maximum experience is achieved in the skill as the player can make Overloads. These are literally a must for everyone and if you play without them, it will be very difficult to progress. There's an overload making guide below Summoning Dungeoneering Squeel of Fortune Auras A guide regarding auras can be found below. Beginner bosses and boss instances Ballak Fight Caves Mid level gameplay guide coming out soon!