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  2. Hello. i played eradx a LONG time ago and i have nothing better to do so, i did a literal google search "eradicationx" and obviously found this, so yeah, hi.
  3. Hello Eradicationonians. Today, I'm starting an event i think will be quite unique. This one, is an activity event! So basically, i will pick a date in the future for the event to end, you (the player) will comment on this post with a picture of your account information (example shown below) which must include the full client, your account name and the total hours you have displayed. After you've replied and posted that picture, you're in the competition. I will then track your time in game and a winner will be chosen at a non disclosed date. It will be a surprise. I do however, have a rule. If you are in this competition, afking is not allowed. You're allowed small periods of course, however you may not remain logged in while sleeping or at work, if you're afk for more than an hour and it goes noticed, you will be either disqualified from the competition or you will have to restart your progress. ONE ACCOUNT PER PERSON. I'd also like to use this chance to point out that, whilst it is okay to use an auto clicker and be watching it, replying to staff members, it is NOT okay to use one and be afk. (Not be able to reply to staff members) I will not name anyone of course but if you are caught doing this you will be kicked, possibly given a warning and after repeat offenses you will be jailed. I've got some tasty rewards this time. But I'm not going to tell you that either, as the rewards this time are actually based off of how many people enter the contest. The more people that enter.. the better the rewards! The player with the most time at the end of the event (starting from when they post their reply to this post) wins the event! Current competitors:Start time Stein: The entirety of this competition IS ALWAYS subject to change or be canceled at any point given a reasonable circumstance.
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  5. Good idea for future contents, i'll put this in mind ­čśÄ
  6. this could be done with other non melee weapons to create multiple sets. like ascensions or possibly another staff or bow combination,
  7. i just had a single suggestion or idea, we currently have dyes obtainable through clue scrolls. however, i feel a great way to implement the dyes could also be creating a new one only obtainable by using all the currently available ones on each other and creating a new one ( we can call it eradication dye) then using it on high level gear such as obsidian or flammy. lets say the eradication dye is used on obsidian armor, it could give 15% boost to all stats and a 20% boost to strength bonus, thus naming it eradication armor. using it on a flammy could possibly alter its stats and boost everything up by 10-20% and changing its color to black with a blue flame. none of these are easily obtainable and adding the dyes they could be made untradeable. possibly you could add a set bonus for equiping the entire set and give an extra boost or benefit. Numbers are just being thrown out, while everything is subject to change i feel like this would be a nice addition.
  8. Recent Staff Updates: Mikey resigned from Server Support. Fear De Taco was promoted to Server Support.
  9. Will look into this.
  10. That's not the solution the staff has given you. That is a recommendation made by a single staff member to help make it easier. We don't simply tell new players to download a third party software for achieving their goals faster, that is simply something I DID. To make it easier. I also recommended finding a device with a touch screen. I understand that would be a very limited option, but it's not impossible. Our goal is to make Overloads more difficult to obtain, which is why we've added making them through Herblore. We don't want every single player to have thousands of them, because there may be future content released that ties Overloads to it. We don't want every aspect of the game to be incredibly easy. You have to clean 40 herbs to make 10 overloads, which in my opinion is very easy as it is. I've simply suggested what i believe is indeed the most viable solution to the matter. As i don't believe Herblore needs to be reworked. Atleast overloads don't, in my opinion. I've no say in what does or does not get to be added to the game, or changed and i do not appreciate the generalization of myself, and my teammates as barely helpful in regards to this matter. I believe I've attempted to help in the most useful and viable way i possibly can within the power that i currently have. Other staff may have other solutions for you, other players may have that as well. Alternatively you can purchase them from other players. I would however like to add that regardless of what I've said above, I love that we're seeing some input and suggestions from the community regarding some things you'd like to see differently. Just because i disagree, does not mean my peers do.
  11. To be honest I haven't used a 3rd party auto clicker in years. If I want to use a auto clicker I use Razer Synapse. I still would like to see some improvements on herblore. Telling new players "go download this program" doesn't sit right with me as a solution should it be the answer Staff give.
  12. I'm not sure i follow exactly what you're saying? The program(s) I'm talking about are the ones that record your mouse movement, clicks and your keyboard. You could easily find one of these for free or for very very cheap on a popular search engine. I can't recommend you one, as it would be a third party company that has that available, but i can say that finding one that can do the full inventory is NOT hard, i promise.
  13. While we can use a Autoclicker we'd have to have one that moves through the 28 spaces in the inventory. If you could easily clean herbs by spam clicking the last one in your inventory I'd do it but you're not able to.
  14. In-Game Name: Justin How old are you? 24 Time zone: GMT-8 What position are you applying for? Support Which languages do you speak? English Why do you want to be a part of the staff team? I see the potential that the server has and I'd like to help it grow to where it could be. Do you have any past staff experience? Yes I've been a Co-Owner (Roughly 2 months), Moderator (2-4 months) and Support (3 months) on a few servers over the years. My experience doesn't stop on RSPS'. During my Vocational training I was apart of a student committee that acted as a "government" on campus/dorms (my school was government funded). I primarily spent my time under Recreational and Treasury. In Recreational I helped create a gaming community, organized events/tournaments/meetings. After awhile I left that and went under Treasury and focused on the Student Store, counting inventory, "recruiting" other students to work, restocking and "firing" those that misused their power behind the register (got some stories for that). Please write what you think should be required and expected from the role you are applying for? First and foremost is being active and being quick to respond when a player asks for help. When you're a Staff member your main priority is to assist and help players whether they're new or veteran players. Not only are you are you there for helping players but as a Staff member your actions have weight. Too many times I've gone into servers and have seen Staff throwing around their power as if it meant nothing. What you do and say have consequences and can make a poor image of the Staff/Server. Additional Information: I'm currently attending college, my class Schedule is Monday/Wednesday 8am-2:30/3pm (depends on how much is planned for in class). Anytime after 3pm/my days not at school are when I'm available. I typically stay up till about 10pm-12am. Feel free to ask me anything that you're curious to know more of.
  15. In-Game Name: Fear De Taco How old are you? 26 Time zone: Est gmt-5 What position are you applying for? server mod, support Which languages do you speak? english Why do you want to be a part of the staff team? I have learne´╗┐d much about the sever through game play and with help of a few of my senior players. i can help bear some of the staffs' stress with all players and i can continue to learn as the client continues to grow. i have grown to know many members of the staff and want to help´╗┐ them as i do not plan on going anyw´╗┐here. regardless of a staff position i will´╗┐ continue helping Erad-W2 grow as much as ´╗┐possible, while helping new players learn the ropes and current players . Do you have any past staff experience? I was head admin of Rawrscape for 9 months, owner gave up as we were growing to 40 active and the server died. Please write what you think should be required and expected from the role you are applying for? I'm not great with words, or English for the matter, however i feel my expectations are to be actively playing and to help where its necessary. to welcome all new players and to teach them how the server has grown and how to get themselves on their feet. to make sure everyone is abiding by the rules and to actively watch for bugs/glitches and anyone who is abusing them. also to continue with ideas to help the server grow. Additional Information: My real name is Tim, most of the players have met me and i enjoy playing with you all. i may be busy in the warm months here in Ohio climbing trees and doing landscaping. however i will make time to be on every single day. i appreciate everyone who has supported me in my quest to help the cause of Eradicationx-w2!
  16. In-Game Name: caedos How old are you? 23 Time zone: eastern standard time What position are you applying for? server support server moderator Which languages do you speak? german and english Why do you want to be a part of the staff team? I have great mind and ideal of making thing accomplished for staff and players. i can help bare strain on players and staff member when its a rough day for them just by simply helping to take care of my part. Do you have any past staff experience? used to me a moderator admin of a old server that no longer exist due to low funding but high in pvp only Please write what you think should be required and expected from the role you are applying for? my expectation of a server support would be a interesting one. i would personally drop my time alone and help out who needs it. im a loving and careing person so supporters should give it there all and support other players of getting there to the goals they want to accomplish. Not going to bash people and think its not a worthless time. everyone time is special and everyone needs help from time to time it happens. Additional Information: My real name is Ashley, most players have met me and i help out the best i can yes i might not know everything to standard but as players its common, but however im mostly on everyday or try to be. working officer irl so my schedule different each day been playing server 2 for awhile and enjoy it so much i think things could be accomplished more with ideas. i appreciate all the support and care from everyone lets keep eradication x going.
  17. I don't mean to throw hands or anything, but i think that making Overload's is pretty easy actually. I think it's also worth noting that you CAN use an autoclicker, so long as you're watching that auto clicker, and are able to respond to staff. This can DRAMATICALLY speed up the process of cleaning herbs, as well as many other aspects of the game. Another solution (and this one is pretty exclusive) is to use a device with a touch screen. Some tablets can run java, and .jar files, allowing you to utilize the use of a touch screen while cleaning herbs. My laptop is a touch screen device, and if i cleaned all the herbs in one inventory, (with the touch screen) while also utilizing an autoclicker (Again, you CANNOT afk auto click, but if you're watching it and can respond to staff you are NOT breaking rules.) it takes less than 2 seconds to clean a full inventory of herbs. That's NOT exaggerating by any means whatsoever.
  18. I'd be okay with clean herbs in shops. I'd really like to see something done to deal with the incredibly annoying part of doing herblore (cleaning herbs). Not all of us would want to just buy clean herbs and skip out on getting some farming exp.
  19. Recent Staff Updates: Unique Top resigned from Server Moderator.
  20. i would even suggest adding clean herbs in the shop would make this simpler. most exp gained is through potions anyways. if someone chooses to clean herbs there are plenty of npc's who drop them, or even farming.
  21. Currently we can only get Overloads by making them through Herblore. I do not have an issue with this. But what I do have an issue with is potentially getting carpel tunnel. Right now I'm grinding my way through Herblore to unlock Overloads. If you haven't done herblore yet, a step that you're required to do is to obtain herbs and clean them. Cleaning herbs can be an absolute chore and make you regret even trying to unlock Overloads. A great way to fix this is to of course add in an NPC to trade you grimy herbs for clean ones (preferably noted). But why stop there? An NPC could be introduced to help expedite making Overloads but at a cost. We get 1.2b from voting every day which leads to massive inflation of gold. Of course we can throw our gold to other things like instances etc. but I'd like to suggest another gold sink. Imagine having an NPC that swaps your Super Sets/Extreme Sets for Extreme Sets/Overloads at a price. Prices are of course up to the Developers but I suggest 5m per Super Set and 10m per Extreme Set. We could also include an option to pay more for a small exp gain off doing this but make it far less effective than making them by hand.* Also make the herbs/secondaries cost a reasonable amount within the store. Pros: Devs can come up with another donation benefit/perk for a discounted price. I don't have to spend a bunch of time making Overloads. Cons: You don't gain any exp while doing this.* That's if a part of my suggestion doesn't go through. Edit: I just learned that the "Make all" option doesn't work when making Extreme Ranging potions. Please.... no....
  22. Ingame name: Justin What donator rank(s) are you requesting? Donator Full client screenshot while having the rank equipped:
  23. I'm very happy to see players contribute their ideas to the community! I'm looking forward to seeing more as time goes on. Thank you for your suggestions.
  24. 1)RCA altar i believe is non functioning due to location(or i just couldn't get it to work) and needs to be fixed but that is simple. (im a relatively new player in the server so i was unaware of this regardless) 2)simply put each prestige raises the amount a small % to encourage people to do so. not necessarily hunting/thiev due to their high gold value. however this price at max sell should not surpass buy price from any store. i'm referring to woodcut/mining ect. 3)i dont have much info on this as i was asked to add it by another player 4)condensing is what i was thinking maybe not so much all into one but each combat style having a shop for itself including the pvp shop in 1. as a new player it confused me with all the shops and id occasionally miss something, just to simplify it 5) i've done bal a few times and its dead and the drops are less than desirable most times, granted its a random mystery box it can be solo'd though. i was thinking something buffed that comes around once ever 4 hours or so and is around for 15-20 minutes that requires multiple people 6) even a skilling shop to gain points for items to add to tool belt like crystal axe or pickaxe. some new combat or skilling pets(havent seen a skilling pet so unsure if there is one or not) 7) my ideas are subject to change of course, if there are ways to make them better, thats great do so. so im happy you think its a good idea 8.) 9) again i had troubles with the shops so i may have missed this. 10) sof just recently got buffed, now it needs to be brought back down a little. we could always try to change the prizes possibly ? i just think it could have some beneficial changes made 11) i feel like a variatey in slayer masters/monsters would be nice. however you are right, im just giving ideas to creat someone elses ideas. we can make stuff custom, just need to spark the conversation I hope i could help clear some of the confusion up a little bit
  25. I'll pick apart your post one at a time in order. 1. We already have an altar in the RCA Area which gives bonus exp on top of the altar+bonus xp weekends. The RCA area is also PvP. 2. I don't have any issue with this one but we already get a lot of gold with just voting as it is I don't see why we need an incentive to Thieve more than getting 120/max exp. 3. No issue here other than removes a incentive to donate. 4. Absolutely yes. Some items are purchasable but only within certain shops which you think is available in the other shops that are similar to it. I.e. Certain melee equipment only within PvP shop. 5. We have Bal for this. 6. I don't see any issue with this but giving a explanation as to why this should be done would be useful. 7. This would be nice but as a possible easier alternative (on the dev side. I'm not sure if this would be easier.) make it a requirement to have a enchanted gem when buying a slayer helmet and make the helmet work as a enchanted gem. 8. A rework for teleports to be more streamlined would be nice. Like the interface we had on W1. 9. I assume we're already going to have a daily system for bosses/etc considering we have an npc shop for it. 10. SOF isn't bad how it currently is. Why change something when it's not broken. 11. Support for this. 12. Importing and developing an entire region isn't easy and would take a considerable amount of time to do. Also people (including myself) come here for the custom bosses/raids. Why spend time on copying what other RSPS' are doing when a big point of the server is for new custom content? I'd rather the Devs spend time on something new that they'd like to add in. Jesus that wall of text, I agree with some of your suggestions but don't see the reasoning behind some of them.
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