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    World 1 and 2 have unfortunately been shut down, we'll be developing a remade version of this server called Project Purple, for more information, join our discord server by clicking on the image above


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    • Hello. i played eradx a LONG time ago and i have nothing better to do so, i did a literal google search "eradicationx" and obviously found this, so yeah, hi.
    • Hello Eradicationonians. Today, I'm starting an event i think will be quite unique.  This one, is an activity event!  So basically, i will pick a date in the future for the event to end, you (the player) will comment on this post with a picture of your account information (example shown below) which must include the full client, your account name and the total hours you have displayed.  After you've replied and posted that picture, you're in the competition.  I will then track your time in game and a winner will be chosen at a non disclosed date.  It will be a surprise.  I do however, have a rule. If you are in this competition, afking is not allowed.  You're allowed small periods of course, however you may not remain logged in while sleeping or at work, if you're afk for more than an hour and it goes noticed, you will be either disqualified from the competition or you will have to restart your progress.  ONE ACCOUNT PER PERSON.  I'd also like to use this chance to point out that, whilst it is okay to use an auto clicker and be watching it, replying to staff members, it is NOT okay to use one and be afk.  (Not be able to reply to staff members)  I will not name anyone of course but if you are caught doing this you will be kicked, possibly given a warning and after repeat offenses you will be jailed.  I've got some tasty rewards this time.  But I'm not going to tell you that either, as the rewards this time are actually based off of how many people enter the contest.  The more people that enter.. the better the rewards!  The player with the most time at the end of the event (starting from when they post their reply to this post) wins the event!   Current competitors:Start time Stein:         The entirety of this competition IS ALWAYS subject to change or be canceled at any point given a reasonable circumstance.    
    • Good idea for future contents, i'll put this in mind 😎