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    • Nice really handy guide thanks!
    • Add rings I think if you add more rings to the game it will dramatically improve gameplay life, as right now the only ring that is worth anything is the ring of wealth in the slayer shop. Tokkul Zo You can make a tokkul shop and add this to it Lunar ring Maybe add this to the pvm shop?  Or slayer ? Onyx ring (i) Add this one to the dung shop, or maybe pvm Berzerker, warrior, seers and archers rings Add these guys to the pvm shop, or add daggonoths! Leviathan Ring This is the only one i thought would be a problem.  Idk how you'd do it but it would be a cool pvm shop item Change the dungeoneering token system The tokens we receive in take forever to collect, while level dungeoneering in my opinion takes very little time.  I think you should either increase the amount of tokens you gain, OR decrease the amount of xp you get.  I bet this one will be wildly unpopular haha Changes to Rise of the Six I think it would be awesome if you added the 3 ROTS shields into the game and made them a rare to very rare drop from rots, as well as making malevolent energy a common to probably more uncommon drop.  Make it so each time you enter the encounter the enemies spawn at different spots than they did in the previous encounter.  This will make it so you cant just stand in and rely on only 1 brother attacking you, specifically one that isnt guthan.  If nothing else, move guthan closest to the entrance so he attacks first. That may make it a bit more difficult.  As of now though, ROTS is NOT very hard. Changes to boss teleports Switch Corp beast and tormented demons from advanced bosses to intermediate bosses AND switch Combat trio, sea singer and death lotus to advanced bosses I really don't think corp is a crazy difficult boss, and i also think that since trio requires you to beat kiln anyway it should just be an advanced boss.  Death lotus is difficult, it should be advanced, idk about sea singer but i do think this is a good idea. Add Nex as an intermediate boss. Nuff said. Instance changes Make it so a bosses minions will spawn with them inside an instance.  Maybe a small safe area for the portal and bank, its hard to bank and leave with the boss attacking you.  Add fist of guthix for clan battles It would be nice to have some kind of place for clan brawls when those things get released, if they get released. Make more monsters drop charms   That's all i got today, have a good one! ❤️  
    • I don't know if this is appropriate to ask this on this post, but i was wondering if this title was exclusive to donators?  If so i would like to apply.  (This is not the application, obv)
    • Before i start, I'd like to add that this is a RANGED Guide, there may be a different strategy for both melee and magic.  I was going to do a low level guide, and a medium level guide, one with black dhide and one with full arma, but the black dhide run was so easy, i dont think its even necessary to add the medium level guide.  Once there has been changes to this, if there will be, i will add a medium, and maybe even a high level version of this guide too.  So Rise of the Six on this server is a very interesting take on what would be a very hard encounter, at least i thought so.  Do not be intimidated, these are not the shadow versions of the Barrows brothers.  The encounter consists of 6 barrows brothers, but instead of fighting them one at a time, you're fighting all 6 at once.  You can find the teleport for ROTS in the minigames section.  Once you teleport to ROTS the lobby room will be empty with a gate opening to the minigame.  This is what it looks like. Enter through the large middle gate.  Make sure that before you do you are overloaded just incase.  Once you do, the Brothers for now atleast are fixed to one spot.  Pray attack.  Once you walk in, stay where you are.  Either verac, or torag will come and attack you, do not attack them back.  I almost always kill Ahrim first.  It shouldn't take much longer than 15 seconds.  You will take quite a bit of damage in this first early part, so make sure you watch your hp and your prayer.  Once you take Ahrim down, immediately shoot Karil.  Stay in your position. Karil should take about the same amount of time as Ahrim, and you'll be taking less damage.  So it should be easy to get him down.  Once Karil is down, it's important that you know the brothers are lined up so Guthan is in the back.  With Guthan in the back, he can't attack you so he can't heal himself with his attacks against you.  Even though you're protecting from prayer and he wont do damage to you, he can still heal himself from his hits, so if you don't do enough damage fast enough, he will just heal through all your hits and your run will take twice to 3x as much time as it would otherwise. After Guthan is dead, it really shouldn't matter much what brother you kill, although Dharock can be dangerous, so maybe focus on him, since he'll also be behind the one standing in front of you.  Once you get all the brothers down, you will receive a rewards chest at the end of the room.  Click on it to get your spoils and be safe out there alright?  hahaha   DISCLAIMER: This is the first guide I've done in years, so it may be a little bad, sorry! ❤️
    • Regarding a clan citadel, we actually used to have that on our previous version of eradication, also known as world 1. We didn't actually have that developed into the source, it was something made by the admins pretty much, exception being the teleportation command. I like the idea of having your own zone as a clan where you can do different activities together.  I also like the idea about having the ability to host events for your own clan through the same system a skilling event can be hosted for everyone, just like the slayer one you were talking about.